2017 is here and so we begin another cycle around the sun. Fabic’s behaviour specialist and counsellor Tanya Curtis wants to know how ‘new’ your ‘New Year’ really is going to be?

As a new calendar year has dawned upon us it is a time for reflection for many as we ponder on two of my all-time favourite questions: “I wonder…?” and “What is next?”.

  • I wonder what is in store for me, my family and my loved ones this year?
  • I wonder what goals will be achieved?
  • I wonder what will be our highs?
  • I wonder if there will be any lows?
  • I wonder what this New Year will bring?
  • I wonder ….?

Often people ponder on the New Year and see an opportunity for new beginnings. We wipe the slate clean, could we say, as we prepare for what is in front of us with the past but a distant memory. But what if a New Year is not always NEW? What if a New Year is simply a repeat of what has already occurred and will occur again in the future? What if a New Year is simply the marker on a calendar of the beginning of a cycle that has no end and no beginning; and thus this New Year is simply a point that we have been to before and will come to again? What if the New Year is here to re-present the life lessons that were offered previously and the slate is not really cleared?

If life is a cycle, what if we are about to repeat much of what we have already lived – maybe not the exact same events and stories, but possibly a repeat of the life-lessons buried in each event we have and will experience? What if a New Year is more of an opportunity – an opportunity to be re-presented with many of the life lessons we have not yet self-mastered, but will in time?

At Fabic we say: “School is life and life is one big school”. Every moment of every day we are offered a life lesson. It is our choice when we decide to self-master each and every lesson and thus our life lessons will repeat until one day we say “I’m ready to self-master that life lesson”.

So what if a New Year is only a New Year by calendar, but in our school of life it is really a repeated opportunity for our life lessons to re-offered? If this is a possibility, then I wonder if this New Year is an opportunity to take stock and ask:

  1. What has worked well?
  2. What has not worked and is no longer supportive?
  3. What needs to be discarded?
  4. What needs to be kept and built on?
  5. What needs to be appreciated?
  6. What do we want to add to our foundation to support us?
  7. What life lessons may be re-offered in this calendar year?
  8. What will life present this year and why?

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Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis  

Tanya founded Fabic (Functional Assessment & Behavioural Interventions Clinic) in 2006 with a vision to support people to understand and change unwanted behaviours. Tanya is an author, writes and presents behaviour specialist DVDs, and has developed online behaviour support programs // www.fabic.com.au