Do you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad in your house that your children can use? If yes, then you’re an Apple Parent and the latest iOS software, iOS12 is just great for you, because the screen time & family sharing is a fantastic addition in this update.

Screen Time will give you the type of control over your apple iOS device that only used to be available only through a paid service, like OurPact. Apple now has added in this functionality in the latest update, you just need to put it in place.

So how can you maximise the iOS 12 screen time update?

  1. Set up Family Sharing
  2. Set up Screen Time Content and Privacy Controls

These great additions will take you a moment to put in place, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Your education in making sure you use all the available settings, is crucial for keeping your kids safe. Of course, nothing replaces parental supervision and speaking with your kids about how to behave online, but when you combine these with the parental controls you are in a great position.

So rather than leaving you to just figure it out, I’ve created an easy infographic that steps you through the process. You can save it, share with friends and family who are apple users, print it out and then, the important bit, implement it.

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Jane Webster

Jane Webster  

An experienced social media specialist, Jane has worked with many organisations and businesses to help them understand and use social media to grow their business, raise brand awareness and engage with their clients. But after noticing how many of her clients were asking questions about other, non-business apps - like Snapchat and Tik Tok - and, in particular, how their kids were using these apps, Jane decided to create a space where parents can be informed and armed with the tools required to support their children online. Code9 Parent was born! // www.code9parent.com.au