As we approach the end of January, who else is sitting there now wondering, why they even bothered writing their New Years Resolutions down?


Well if you are, you are not alone.


So many people make resolutions, normally after a big night with friends and family, welcoming in the new year and as they sit their sipping their water to rehydrate themselves, they put pen to paper and write down all the things they want to start doing and all the things they want to stop doing. We conjor up our biggest desires and write down the popular ones like, ‘lose 10ks, start walking, quit smoking, go out more’ – any of these sounds familiar?


After working with clients now for many years, I have noticed a pattern. New Years Resolutions maybe a thing of the past, because unless they are linked with your true purpose in life, you don’t feel any strong connection to it and therefore, the resolutions sit in the notebook you wrote them in all year without being referred to. To write resolutions based on what the tradition says to do, in my opinion, is a waste of time. To write them down based on what we think we should be writing, or what others have written, is also a waste of time.


Maybe there is a better way, just maybe…


What if we could look at it differently and try an approach that is more tailored to you and your needs and desires, rather than everyone elses. What if we could take time out to find out what we actually love doing and love spending time on and write our goals/desires down based on that? Imagine how great that would be. They would become more like goals that you can achieve and more importantly, will want to achieve because they are things that you actually want to do, or stop doing, that are aligned to your purpose in life.


Having noticed my clients getting amazing results from focussing on aligning their purpose, with their work, I am nearly certain that New Years Resolutions are a thing of the past, as I know people who still write them and never look at them and then I see my clients kicking goals as they are focussed on something that matters to them. Something that pulls at their heart strings and picks them up, even when they are unwell, tired or stressed. They keep going. They refer to them every day and continually find ways to achieve them.


I believe this way is more sustainable and more likely to give results.


I would love your thoughts on this, so please leave a comment in the box below and I will respond to you all personally.


Remember, we only have One Life, One Purpose.


Words // Shar Moore

YWoman, Author, Speaker, Mentor – www.sharmoore.com.au.




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