What do you do when your business slows down? Tighten your belt, watch your cash flow and hope it doesn’t last long?


Businesses need to be savvier than ever, however unfortunately it is in these quieter periods that marketing usually gets seen as complimentary business expense.


Nothing could be further from the truth! In quieter periods of business, you must stay top of mind with your clients.


Whilst marketing shouldn’t be exempt from a budget review, there are plenty of things businesses can do which will see owners getting great results for a minimum spend.


Look at your client base. What is the cost of acquiring a new customer, versus the cost of keeping one? You will find that by touching base with your existing clients, who already know, like and trust you that that the relationship will be reinforced. You may also find that you can provide a solution to a problem they hadn’t even recognised yet.


Do you have a database? Reach out to your established customers via email. By using online email clients such as Mailchimp, which has a free option, you can check who is opening your email. Mr King has opened your email about a new car 14 times? Maybe he is thinking of buying! Get on the phone to him – you have the time!


Consider whom you haven’t seen in store in a while. Maybe they are busy, or maybe they had a poor experience with your business that could be easily corrected by a 5-minute phone call. It is a win-win, your customer will feel like he is valued by your business, and if there was unfortunately an issue that drove him away, you can address and rectify this.


What about new clients? Consider offering prospective clients value, such as ‘The top 5 things to consider before (insert your service or product here!)”. Create and brand a PDF and upload it on your website behind a landing page that requires an email address to gain access. Potential customers will see this as value before they have even approached your business. Before they realise it, they will begin to trust your business because you are offering them advice without obligation, and you are growing your potential client base.


Small business must be dynamic in all marketing activities to get the biggest return on investment at all times, especially in leaner periods. Market smarter, don’t cease all activity. That is the quickest way to be forgotten to both new and existing clients.


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Tolita Dukes

Tolita Dukes  

Tolita Dukes is the creative brain behind 8 Seconds, a marketing agency located in the beautiful, Whitsundays. With backgrounds in tourism, sales and marketing, Tolita is passionate about helping small business and demystifying marketing. Delivered with intelligence, energy and honesty, helping clients realise their business aspirations through dynamic marketing strategies. 8 Seconds, the average human attention span. Get noticed! // www.8seconds.com.au