Looking for a fun party idea, or maybe an easy and not too messy craft project? Perhaps you have a super creative little one who is always wanting something to make?? This fun headband is the perfect project – it doesn’t require many resources, it is colourful, and best of all you can wear it!

You can make your headband into a bedazzled crown, a mystical unicorn, a woodland creature, or a nature theme full of feathers and leaves, or perhaps a robot design with metallics and shiny buttons. You are limited only by your imagination!

Suitable for kids from 4 yrs and up – a great project for little kids to practice their cutting and glueing skills, and improve fine-motor skills.

A fantastic way to explore and learn about colour/ pattern/shape with your mini-maker. Let’s get creative!

You will need…

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A long strip of cardboard box about 50-60 cm long (measure on your child’s head allowing for it of overlapping)
  • Assorted bits of card/paper of different colours and sizes (for ears/horns/spikes etc)
  • A few coloured pens (a Posca Pen is great!)
  • Watercolours/water/paintbrush
  • A stapler
  • A few extras if you have them: some wool/ buttons/sequins, any fun colourful decorative collage things

How to make your Happy Headband…

Step 1: Paint your strip using watercolours – lots of bright colours – perhaps create a simple pattern.
Step 2: Think about what shapes you might like to add onto your headband – perhaps just triangles, or maybe ears, or horns. Draw and cut these from your card and paper.
Step 3: Arrange and glue these along the top of your headband – being generous with the glue
Step 4: Pen. Once your cardboard is dry – use a coloured pen or a Posca pen to decorate with dots/stripes/lines/patterns – you can do this inside the ears and horn shapes too!
Step 5: You can add other decoration – perhaps hang ribbons from the sides, or bedazzle with sequins, or cut fringing along the edges.
Step 6: Once completed, measure on your head, staple ends together – and wear proudly! Everyone will be envious of your gorgeous headband!

Tracy McDowall

Tracy McDowall  

Tracy has been running her business RAW Art for the past 24 years. RAW Art runs fun educational hands-on workshops with kids and adults in schools, kindy's, and at their creative art studio in vibrant West End. Tracy believes art is important in every child's life, helping kids to grow into creative innovative thinkers // www.rawartworkshops.com.au