Who hasn’t got a box of broken, dirty looking, mismatched crayons lying around at home? Here is a quick and easy project to ‘upcycle’ those crayons and give them a new life!


Depending on the mould you use, these brand new crayons can become little gifts to give friends at school, put in birthday party gift bags or even just put back into the craft box looking all shiny and new.


Kids can definitely help with this project but depending on age and how much time you have it may be one for them to sit and watch as it all happens. Also, try and find a mould that has a point somewhere in the shape, like a heart. Because I used a flower mould it was a little hard to use the crayons to draw with, but at least they looked cool!


Materials you will need

Old wax crayons

Heat proof silicon mould

Vegetable peeler

Knife and chopping board

Oven for heating



How to…

Start by removing all the paper and dirty bits of each crayon. A vegetable peeler comes in handy for this step, you just want to do it over a sheet of newspaper as crayon peelings go everywhere.

When choosing new colours to make, stick with colours that are beside each other on the colour wheel as crayons are not made from ‘pure’ colours and they will not blend to create a new colour. So, perhaps blue and purple or red and orange.

With a small sharp knife, chop each individual crayon into 1cm chunks. This again is a messy step and if you were being extra careful about colour contamination you would clean your chopping board for every new colour (I did not). Stack each individual mould quite high and then put in the oven at around 80-100°C. My crayons took 12 minutes to melt but you just need to keep an eye on them. The more they melt, the more the wax separates from the colour and you will be left with a clear line on bottom of each crayon which may look cool but you cannot use that side to draw with because the colour has gone.

Once out of oven, let cool and pop each crayon out and let the drawing begin!


DID YOU KNOW… that wax crayons are made with paraffin wax which is also used in cosmetics, candles and preserving fruit?


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” ~Pablo Picasso



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Mrs Red

Mrs Red  

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