Why not make up your own colouring page via this simple project that kids of any age can have a go at. You most likely have colouring-in pencils, gel pens or textas lying around from the recent colouring-in book craze so there is no excuse to not have a go at this fun project!

The great thing about a project such as this one, is that you have to take your time with the layout and draw your lines slowly. Kids struggle to go slow when drawing a line so this must be stressed otherwise they will ruin their drawing before they even really get started. Start with a word. It could be your name or a family member’s name or any word. I chose to do a colour theme of warm colours and cool colours for this one, which does help make the word readable, however, you could also do darks and lights.

What you need

  • Cartridge paper
  • Graphite pencil
  • Eraser
  • Black marker pen
  • Colouring pencils or pens

What you do

2aStart with drawing out your word first, with graphite pencil, in bubble or block writing. The letters do not have to be in line nor do they need to be the same size. Have fun with your word or name and remember to draw lightly so you can erase when needed.

Once you are happy with the layout of your word, go over the pencil lines with the black marker. Then, with the black marker, slowly draw a continuous line pattern all over you page. You have to do this slowly. You want to end up with small areas to colour in, like my example. If you have a large area then the colour you choose to colour in with might dominate the whole picture.

When you are happy with how many lines you have drawn, it’s time to start colouring! Remember to decide if you are going to do warm/cool or dark/light. Your word will be very hard to read if you do not stick to this decision.

Enjoy and have fun with this project. The size of your artwork will determine how long it will take to complete. My artwork was A4 in size (on an A3 piece of paper with a border) and it took me about 3-4 hours to complete. It may seem like a long time but how much fun did I have?!


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Words // Jane Whittred



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