What it is with kids and pet rocks? We will never know and really, why question it, it’s harmless and keeps them quiet! I have begun pebble painting at the art room recently and watched as kids of all ages are drawn to it, creating all kinds of things on their pebble. The possibilities are endless of course and it doesn’t matter if you just enjoy the process or aim to make a work of art out of it. If you do an internet search for ‘pebble painting’ some of the artworks are amazing; artists have made a living from it!


We have been working on pebbles rather than rocks and I did purchase a bag of pebbles rather than head into the backyard so all mine were clean and smooth but it really doesn’t matter where you get your pebbles/rocks from. Just keep them away from dads, as all they can see in the pebbles is great water-skimming potential! And on that note, flat, lighter pebbles make great fridge magnets with a little magnet button glued on to the back.


rocks2Materials you will need…

  • Pebbles or small clean rocks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Small paint brushes
  • Paint pens
  • Paper towel
  • Googly eyes & glue (optional)
  • Magnets & glue (optional)


How to…

Work on clean pebbles. The ones I purchased needed to be rinsed as they had a chalk-like dust all over them (they were for gardens). As this can get a little messy, I gave each child a square of paper towel to sit their pebble on, which also acted as a paint barrier between table and pebble -plus the pebbles didn’t move around as easily. Fingers can also be wiped on the paper towel.

There is no real process involved here, let the kids just go for it however I did print out some ideas they could use to create their little friends, like ladybugs and monsters.

If you can get your hands on some fine tip paint pens then detail can be added to the designs after the paint has dried. Alternatively, paint the pebbles in a single colour and then use paint pens over the top to create the design. Use googly eyes of different sizes to create faces and monsters which all look very cool.


Did you know… rock art continues to be of importance to indigenous peoples in various parts of the world, as both sacred items and significant components to their culture.


 “Those who lose dreaming are lost”
– Aboriginal proverb


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