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What are your thoughts on how to best prepare our kids for NAPLAN testing this month? 

Don’t prepare for it. It is important to remember that NAPLAN is designed to assess the effectiveness of teachers and schools, not to assess the kids. It is the school that should be stressed, not your kids. Sometimes educators get worried about NAPLAN results reflecting poorly on them and then pass that pressure onto children but that is not what the test was ever designed for. I would encourage you to tell your kids all of what I’ve said above, then tell them to get a good night’s sleep. Give them a healthy breakfast, tell them to try their best and then forget about it.


My 11 year old still firmly believes in the Easter Bunny and Santa. I know there are similarly aged kids in her circle who have been told the truth (and who have shared their findings with her!) but she still hangs on to her beliefs. Is there a right age to be telling our kids the truth about these fictional characters? And how do I tackle any potentially negativity from her?

I have got to say, I have no professional opinion on this question. Psychologists have yet to research the precise age at which the Easter Bunny becomes obsolete in the life of a child. But as a rule of thumb, I would let them figure it out for themselves. The only exception I would make to this rule is if it is starting to cause them trouble with their friends. In terms of negativity, I think that will only come up if you decide to break it to them. I’ve never known someone who was angry with their parents for lying about Santa.


THE BIG Q… This month, we ask the hub experts to tell us about their mums. What made her special and what lesson/s did you learn from her?
What I learnt the most from my mum was how important it is to put family first, and work hard to provide for those you love.


Dr Aaron Frost is a clinical psychologist and director of Benchmark Psychology at Mount Gravatt.

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