Kids’ Favourite Dinners

It’s 5.15pm. You’ve put next ­to­ no thought into dinner because you left the office late at 4.30pm, then played mum’s taxi between after­ school care and ballet class. Now you’ve stumbled through the front door, thrown the mail and the school bags down and – bam! ­ it’s already dinner time. And everyone’s hungry. And junior is fussy. And nothing’s prepared. It’s time like this when you wish you were more organised and creative. Enter the Kids’ Favourite Dinners app.

serving devilledAfter the birth of her third child, Hayley Ingram discovered mealtime was becoming increasingly challenging. She launched Kids’ Favourite Dinners as a free recipe sharing website and app to come to the aid of other likeminded parents experiencing mealtime challenges.

“Every meal would be met with complaints and tantrums and food would end up wasted,” Hayley says. “Desperate, I asked my friends what recipes their kids loved. One suggested a chicken pie recipe and it was a huge hit!”

The site and associated app are free platforms where parents can easily share their family’s favourite recipes, drag and drop meals into a weekly meal planner and create their weekly shopping list (with items appearing in the order they will shop in – perfect!). The website features more than 200 tried and tested recipes.

“Through Kids’ Favourite Dinners I’ve tried to make mealtime cheaper, easier and as stress­free as possible. I know from my own experience that meal planning helps save money, reduces food wastage and helps maintains sanity with everything already prepared,” Hayley says.

Visit www.kidsfavouritedinners.com



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