Sally Chance and her trio of talented collaborators are bringing two exciting shows for the youngest kids to Festival 2018.

Festival 2018 really has something for the whole family and Sally Chance Dance is bringing two fantastic shows for the youngest kids. Nursery and Touch and Go are designed for babies and two-year-olds to immerse themselves in live theatre.

Sally is a leading performance artist in theatre for young children and has been focused on the very early years for a number of years because she believes they are a fascinating audience to create for.

“At the end of the day you are creating with them, not for them,” Sally says. “You would imagine such young children wouldn’t be polite audiences, but very young babies have a beautiful ability to sit still and be an audience.

“Two-year-olds are different and looking for action, which is why we have two shows for audiences we would think of as a close age. It demonstrates the development process and how quickly they move from stage to stage.”

The babies and toddlers in their respective shows are invited to get close to the action and cross the audience or performer divide, which is unusual for children’s theatre.

Sally’s says there is a big movement in theatre for all ages towards the co-construction of artworks, which sees the lines blur between audiences and performing artists.

“When the children join in they co-create or re-create the performance images. They become the performers themselves if they want to,” Sally says. “The implications of the way these works were constructed are very interesting.  It’s not anything goes, they are carefully constructed just like any other performance.”

While both pieces actively encourage the children to participate they won’t cause any discomfort or humiliation to the kids or their parents. The rules of engagement are carefully and clearly laid out and the presence of the adults is vital.

When discussing the two shows Sally couldn’t pick a favourite, stating she loves them both equally.

Both shows are free and will be at Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach.

Nursery is being refreshed after more than three years just for Festival 2018. The show is designed just for babies to enter a safe and special play space and create beauty, delight and a sense of connection with the performers. Nursery was developed through extensive research into ways in which babies and their adults tune into one another.

Touch and Go
With an audience of two year olds a group of performers and meters and meters of masking tape, Touch and Go is the chance for two year olds to take centre stage. Touch and Go entices, dares and entertains children in a playful environment. Throughout the show the children become a part of the performance, as they are free to take part or observe, venture out or stay close, touch and go – just as they need to.

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