Do you already know you’ll need help to make the back-to-school process smoother? Let Stuck On You be your January go-to.


Returning to rigid early morning school routines can be tough after a long summer of relaxed bedtimes and long lie-ins. The solution? As the end of holidays approach, wake up 10-15 minutes earlier each day. To provide extra motivation, create fun reasons to wake up earlier, e.g. trips to the beach or park. To maintain a smooth routine once school has started, Stuck On You has a terrific range of calendars, planners and chore charts to ensure stress-free mornings and solid homework habits.


Labelling is your best guarantee that your investment in back-to-school items will not end up languishing in a smelly lost property bin or finding a new home in another child’s bag. Labelling is especially important when there is unpredictable weather and the constant need to put on or take off layers. In particular, don’t forget to label those school hats during “No hat, no play” season, given how easily kids lose them (at the drop of a hat, ha!). Check out Stuck on You’s range of labels – including clothing stamps and shoe dots.


If you have safety concerns about your child’s name being visible, or have an older child who prefers discreet labels, it’s a good idea to add extra labels on the inside of items, such as bags and pencil cases and lunch boxes.


After a long summer of sunshine and fresh air, back to school time feels like we are throwing our precious little ones into a festering germ pit. Personalisation limits the spread of germs as kids are less likely to accidentally drink from the wrong drink bottle. Make sure your kids’ lunchboxes and drink bottles are labelled. Stuck on you also offers Allergy Labels which help highlight your child’s allergy to others.



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