Parents heaved a collective sigh of relief when the school went back for 2018. But it’s not only book lists and name labels you need to consider at this time of the year. haven spoke to our panel of back-to-school pros to get the low down on some topical kiddie quandaries.

Bernadette Cliff
Style director, TONI&GUY Broadbeach

I want to start my kids on good haircare routines for the new school year. What are some tips you can share?

Kids have finer hair than adults that is, unfortunately, more prone to tangles. You need to set them up with the right tools to cope with their type of hair. A detangling brush is a necessity. After shampooing and applying conditioner, they can brush their wet hair while the conditioner is still in to make things easier. Another tip is to refrain from tossing wet hair in a towel to dry it as this gives them even more tangles. Simply wrap their wet hair in a towel turban and let dry naturally.

Is there anything I can do to stop lice finding their way to my child?

It is true that lice tend to love clean hair. Applying hairspray to your kids’ hair makes it harder for lice to latch on. I also have clients who add tea tree oil to a spray bottle of water and apply that to their kids’ hair. Similarly, if you are also dealing with lots of tangles, apply a leave-in conditioner to their hair to help with the knots and keep lice at bay.

What’s hot in kids’ hair fashion right now?

For boys, especially here on the Gold Coast, we are finding longer lengths are popular. My son even sports shoulder-length hair. While it’s on-trend, you also have to obey the rules set down by your school on hair. If your son is not going to want to put his long hair up for school, it’s not the style for him. A good happy medium is the long-fringe look, pushed to the side, with shorter back and sides. Zac Efron seems to be the celebrity that many boys want to emulate right now.

For girls, braids are definitely in and this is probably thanks to the Kardashians. It’s a good school option as this style also keeps their hair in place all day. Two braids are hotter than one. Braids can take a long time to do in the mornings when things are usually busy already. A good tip for girls wanting braids for school is to do them the night before and sleep with them in. Hair accessories are also popular for girls right now.



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