Christmas is a great time to get your bake on and give the gift of deliciousness by baking something lovely for friends and family.

I recently read a news article where psychologists explained the benefits of baking for others. They said that baking for others is an “altruistic act and a proactive form of creative expression” (both of which are psychologically advantageous). Baking’s also a great way to practice mindfulness, due to the attention it requires.

For me, baking is absolutely therapeutic and definitely forces me into mindfulness, more so than meal cooking which doesn’t require the same degree of concentration. It triggers memories of the love my Nan had for me as a child and the deliciousness we shared when she baked for me. I hope I can trigger those same memories in my own children one day.

Somewhere along the line, baking has gained a bit of a bad wrap. The processed food industry has certainly conditioned us to believe that baking is inconvenient and hard to do. But I hope that mindset is shifting. As we develop a better awareness around health and the food that serves us best, the more people are heading back to the kitchen. Really, anyone of any skill set can whip up a bliss ball or a basic biscuit. And the good news is, the more you bake, the easier it will become.

Cooking isn’t work, it’s recreation and the more we think of it this way, the better off we’ll be. So put on some music or your favourite podcast, and cook up a storm.

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