It sounds simple to just be yourself in your home styling. But, for many of us this is a challenging task. You may have many doubts and perhaps you think “I don’t have a style.”, “I’ve got no idea!”, “Where do I start?”

fullsizerender-2But, if you dig deep, observe yourself, and your life, you will discover you DO have a style, you DO have an idea and you WILL know where to start.

Firstly, have a think about you and your life. Write down what you (and your family) love to do. Perhaps you love going to the beach, or maybe you love the city and the lights. Also, flick through some home decorating magazines and tear out the pages of anything that instantly appeals to you – don’t over think it.

Make a collage of the images and the words. Perhaps create a board on Pinterest too. This will reveal your authentic style for your home decor.

You may have words such as “we love the beach” and images of minimalist, zen like abodes for example. You could call this ‘coastal zen’. This could be your unique style. Or you may have words such as “we love art and the city” and images of bohemian styled spaces with an abundance of greenery. You could call this ‘Manhattan bohemian’ and this could be your authentic style.

fullsizerender-1Once you have discovered your style, look for one piece you LOVE… it could be something you already own or something you see in a store or even a nature treasure. It could be an artwork, a rug, a sofa, a coffee table, a leaf, a shell – you get the drift.

Use this piece as your inspiration – your starting point. Begin to gather pieces to create a story based on your style, referring to your inspiration piece and collage along the way.

Now, you’re well on your way to creating your authentic space with confidence.


Carley McGee

Carley McGee  

Carley McGee is an Interior Stylist, Content Writer, Flower Essence and Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Mother. Her intention is to offer services of love to the collective and all her offerings fall under the umbrella of ‘Soulful Living’. Based on the Gold Coast she adores coastal living and is a self-confessed ocean swim-aholic; seeing the beach as her sanctuary to cleanse, recharge, relax and play. She is an avid collector of nature treasures and has more feathers, heart shaped leaves, stones and shells than you can poke a stick at (pun intended). She is constantly inspired by Mother Nature’s beauty and colour palette and believes good style and design originate from this very place. Carley has been involved in the field of Style and Design for over a decade and currently works freelance for local Gold Coast businesses and individual clients – offering her 'Soulful Home' package. Her mission is to inspire others to live a life they love; allow their home styling and design to tell their story and above all, to be authentic and enjoy daily soulful living // www.carleymcgee.com.au