Being mindful with our children is something we talk about doing and often read about in the media. However, as parents we can be so easily distracted with work and technology. Moments with our children are precious and time does speed by. Even when my wife and I had just had our first child, elderly folk in the shops would always comment, “Make the most of this time, they grow up so quickly.” This has proven to be true.


I have thought deeply about ‘being present’ since September last year when my youngest daughter who is 3 came home from preschool with her Father’s day gift, it read;


‘I love my Dad because

He takes me to the beach

He reads to me

My Dad likes to play on his iPad

I like him tickling me.’


The third line hit me pretty hard! My daughter was referring to the fact that I am often sitting at home checking work emails, reading the news or just mindlessly reading on my device. I was shocked and uncomfortable that it was so obvious to her that I use my device this often that it warranted the top four of ‘things that dad does in with her’. I n the past year I have now committed to spending less time on my devices at home and have tried to hold myself accountable by putting basic boundaries in place. I encourage you to take time with the precious moments of your child, listen to their questions. Hear them when they tell you a joke, the view of a child is enlightening.


“A child can teach us three things:

To be happy for no reason,

To always be curious

And to fight tirelessly for something.”

– Paulo Coelho


Don’t sit on the phone at the park, when your children are speaking to you. Listen and ask questions.

Read a book, imagine what the pictures say the book will be about. Listen to your child read a book by looking at the pictures.

Listen to their responses and ask questions.

Laugh when they are being funny, if your not listening you won’t hear them. Sometimes children are hilarious.


When you are present it creates value in your child and makes them feel valued.
Time keeps ticking on.


Ben Krahe

Ben Krahe  

I am passionate about learning in community. Pacific Coast is not an institution, but a learning community where students and teachers learn to serve each other. Pacific Coast Christian School is a school which is honoured to be part of the Tweed Coast community and we are committed to teaching our students to serve with humility and excellence in the local, national and international community.