If there’s one topic that’s hotly contested amongst mothers-to-be and new mothers, it’s the decision on how to feed bub. Breast or bottle has ignited debate for decades, with opposing camps staunch in their beliefs.


But what if you want to do both? Breast AND bottle can be just as challenging – avoiding nipple confusion, combating bottle refusal, and helping baby to return to the breast if bottle feeding was a temporary measure.


stk204157rkeMimijumi bottles are strategically designed to assist with successful co-feeding (breast and bottle). Designed by two child psychologists and an industrial designer to mimic not only the shape of the breast but the natural latching and sucking action required by a baby to ‘let down’ milk, these bottles provide a safe, toxin-free alternative with a medical-grade silicon nipple and dishwasher-safe, shatter-proof bottle.


Mimijumi ‘mama’, Samantha Cardone, says the Mimijumi difference is all in the design. “The baby has to latch and suck for the milk to flow,” says Samantha. “The secret to co-feeding is maintaining the correct latch. We even recommend that if the baby hasn’t latched correctly, then mums should gently break the suction with their finger at the side of the baby’s mouth and re-attach – just as they would when breastfeeding.”


infant-care_mimijumi_drinking-300x280Amanda Bude, CEO of Groovy Babies and registered nurse and midwife says, “Mimijumi bottles are simple to clean, made up of only three parts. They have been designed with the psychological dynamics of feeding/soothing items as transitional objects, so a baby goes easily from breast to bottle, without nipple confusion, and I have found this greatly avoids bottle rejection experiences, and speeds up the adjustment process.”


Leanne Sexton, mum to six month old Charlie, says Mimjumi was her winning weapon in combating her baby’s bottle refusal. “The shape, colour and feel really does replicate a mother’s breast – right down to the pore-like texture of the soft teat,” she says. “I was prepped by a Mimijumi representative who spoke to me on the phone and gave me a few tips on how to get the good results – they offer this service to all mothers.”


With two bottle sizes and nipple flow rates, Mimijumi bottles are BPA- and latex-free and exceed Australian safety standards. Check out the website for expert tips on bottlefeeding, combating bottle refusal and and age-by-age feeding guide.


More: www.mimijumi.com.au




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