Do you ever feel like you had a pre-mum self and a mum self?

Most women do. And you’re actually completely correct.

But, just because you’re a whole new woman doesn’t mean you lose your creativity. Owner of Things by Bean, Jo Power explains how using creativity to beat the blues is a fun way to find yourself again.

Science has your baby-brain situation covered, your brain actually changes after you give birth. In the immediate period after you give birth, your brain grows, or, more correctly, the volume of your grey matter (brain bulk) increases. No wonder women often feel like they have a pre-mum self and a mum-self. But when it comes to creativity, if you’re a creative person, you’ll always be a creative person; if you feel like you’ve lost it, you haven’t! You probably just have to get back into the habit of thinking and living creatively.

Find your creative
For me, it’s important to live a creative life, especially as a mum. Not only does it give my brain a boost but it also keeps me linked to my pre-mum self – something that’s definitely very important.

While it’s fun to be creative with your kids, it’s just as critical to find a creative outlet for yourself. Importantly, what’s fun for me though, is not always fun for someone else. Creativity is deeply personal so find what ‘your creative’ is and build it into your everyday life. Finding your creative can be as easy as picking up where you left off before you had kids. If you were an artist, grab your canvas and your brushes and get going. But for others, it’s not always as simple.

If you’re feeling really lost about it, have a look at the accounts you’re following on Instagram or Pinterest and what kinds of photos you’re engaging with. If you take a look at that, you’ll probably notice a common thread. Maybe you’ve, without realising it, liked 20 macramé posts this month. That likely points to a natural interest in macramé.

Creative outlets
All mamas need a bit of ‘me time’. Let’s face it, while no day is ever the same when it comes to kids, the routine can become monotonous. And most of the time, those routines revolve around the children. It’s completely understandable to feel bored. But creativity doesn’t only help in the boredom stakes. Sometimes, it can be a great stress reliever; and we all know that mums need a little bit of stress relief now and then.

Whether it’s drawing, sketching or designing, it doesn’t always have to have a goal. I’m often sketching for new card designs, but sometimes I draw something completely silly, just for fun. Something like a stack of pancakes holding an umbrella to protect it from a drizzle of maple syrup. It’s a perfectly pointless creative activity!

Other days, when I find myself with some free time, I’m all about moving the furniture around in a room or switching up where the pictures are hung in our house. This may not seem creative in the traditional sense but it does feel creatively fulfilling because it’s a form of problem-solving.

Regardless of how you’re being creative, there’s no denying that finding something fun, artsy and imaginative to do is a great way to beat mama boredom.

Katy Ferguson

Katy Ferguson  

Katy began her career as a journalist in Coffs Harbour in 2006. Her work has since taken her to Canberra, Melbourne and the Gold Coast where she now lives with her husband, two daughters and crazy American Staffy. Since having kids, Katy now enjoys life as a freelance journalist for Seven News on the Gold Coast and River 949 in Ipswich. She also writes for haven and scout magazines. In her spare time you'll find her learning to surf at Currumbin Alley, walking her dog around Emerald Lakes and being a part-time taxi driver to her kids!