These days it’s almost impossible to ignore the presence of technology in our lives and those of our children. With such tech-savvy toddlers and tweens, digital developers have been exploring the use of phone and tablet applications to foster learning and provide entertainment for our young ones. We’ve compiled a list of our fave apps for preschoolers, primary kids, tweens and teenagers to help you navigate the myriad of options out there.


Kindy/preschoolers (aged 3-6)

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

One of the most popular apps for preschoolers, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox encourages kids to help a cute and lovable monkey fill his lunchbox by playing seven different games. They will learn how to count, identify shapes, colours and differences, match items and recognise patterns.

$2.49 for iOS and Android


ABC Wildlife

Let your young ones explore their inner nature lover with the ABC Wildlife app, that teaches children to spell through the wild world of animals. There are more than 180 touch activities and videos of different animals that allow interactive learning to keep your kids entertained while learning.

$3.79 for iOS


wheelsThe Wheels on the Bus

This app is based on the traditional rhyming song and introduces your young one to the idea of riding the school bus. It features interactive activities to guide them on their trip around town and recognise the moving parts of the bus, using five different languages.

$4.99 for iOS and Android


ABC KIDS iview

ABC KIDS iview has a diverse range of all of your favourite ABC KIDS shows ready to keep the young ones entertained. The app also operates in a trusted online environment with no advertising and a parent-access section.

Free for iOS and Android


Primary school kids (aged 6-8)

Facts for Kids

What is the smallest bone in your body? What is the fastest snake in the world? Your primary schoolers can enjoy learning interesting and random information from this app that offers a different fact every day. Inquisitive parents will even learn a thing or two!

$3.79 for iOS


Splash Math

This is a fun and interactive app to help children master maths and problem-solving capabilities. Choose between the Year 1 or 2 app, depending on your child’s age and skills and watch as they learn at their own pace and are rewarded for their progress. Splash Math can also be played on computers or laptops.

Free for iOS


kitchen_2_icon_1.21Toca Kitchen 2

From popular app series Toca Boca is Toca Kitchen 2. This is a fun and creative app to get your primary schoolers learning about food and experimenting with recipes in their own kitchen. Other apps in the series include Toca Lab, Toca Builders and Toca Nature.

$3.99 for iOS and Android


Scooby Doo & Looney Tunes Cartoon Universe

You can’t go past Scooby Doo & Looney Tunes for some traditional fun and games. Users can customise their own cartoon character to play games and unlock levels alongside Bugs Bunny, Daffy and co.

$6.49 on iOS


Tweens (aged 8-12)

Monster Heart Medic

With increasing importance being placed on the nutrition and health of young children, this is a great app to teach your tweens about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Guide the friendly monster Ragnar through a cool and colourful world with different adventure arcade levels that reinforce good food and lifestyle choices.

Free on iOS and Android


Atlas-IconBarefoot World Atlas

Get your kids learning more about our world and the wonderful cultures in it. Barefoot World Atlas is a dynamic app where anyone can fly around the interactive 3D globe. Let your children explore the different continents, great oceans, famous landmarks and meet different people as they go about their worldly adventure.

$6.49 on iOS


Adventure Time Game Wizard

A game to create your own game! This app gives your tweens the power to creae and play their own game. Great for budding game creators, the bold graphics and interesting characters make this a great app for all young creative minds.

$6.49 on iOS and Android


Teens (aged 13 years+)


Get your high schooler up-to-date on their study with the help of iHomework. This app can help even the most unorganised of students manage their school needs. It offers a range of features to stay on top of heir assignments, readings, courses, to-dos and teacher information. myHomework Student Planner is a good alternative for Android users.

$2.49 on iOS and Android



As the name suggests, this app features a comprehensive database of more than 1,700 TEDTalks from interesting and fascinating people from around the world. It has an accessible interface that features stimulating presentations to inspire your teen.

Free on iOS and Android



Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish and English with the help of Duolingo! Awarded app of the year in 2013, Duolingo is a fun and effective app to help your teenager to learn a new language with the help of simple games and graphics. It’s possibly the most productive form of procrastination!

Free on iOS and Android


SEN Press

This is a fantastic app designed for teenagers with special needs. It allows your teen to listen to the books, read them for themselves and record their own version. Founded by Peter and Christine Clark, whose son has Downs Syndrome, Sen Press has been highly commended by teachers, parents and teenagers alike.

Free on iOS


Ava_IMG_8637Ava, Year 4, Mt Cotton

“I get to use my iPad for learning every day at school and it’s so cool. My favourite school app at the moment is 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables because it’s helping me learn my multiplication and the seven and nine times tables are hard! Book creator is my other favourite. You can make your own book or magazines by using the photos on your camera roll or from the internet and adding words. In my spare time, I also love the game Doodle Jump and Colorfy colouring in. It’s cool to be able to colour in anywhere I go and not have to take books and pencils.”


WORDS: Monica Tumelty




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