Now that we’re seeing the end of the cooler season and the start of some warmer weather, it’s time to welcome in that summer glow!

But, more often than not, leaving behind the cooler months means getting stuck with a half-used bottle of foundation that makes you look like Caspar the Ghost. Yikes.

Fear not – a change in season doesn’t have to mean a complete makeup overhaul. You can become a cosmetic chemist and mix your very own custom foundation, saving money and makeup in the process. You’ve just gotta master the art of mixing.

As a makeup artist I rely on a variety of shades and formulations of foundations that allow me to mix up the perfect colour for my clients. While it’s more common for people to use and own one foundation bottle at a time, mixing foundations is a handy trick to ensuring your makeup looks flawless all year ‘round, and a great alternative to replacing your summer shade for your winter shade at the change of season, and vice versa. Mixing foundations gives you the freedom to customise your colour and create a look that’s just as unique as you are.

If you get to the end of winter and your foundation is too light for your now sun-kissed skin, mix in a few drops of a darker foundation to make your perfect shade. If you go too dark, simply mix in a lighter shade!

Seeking a more natural finish than the look your full-coverage foundation is giving you? Mix in a little bit of your favourite moisturizer (with SPF if possible!) to thin down the pigment and make your very own BB cream.

And, if you like the glowing look of dewy foundations but your skin is too oily for them to have any staying power, mix a liquid illuminator in with a matte foundation. You’ll glow for hours!

One of my best tips for mixing foundation is to keep a small saucer nearby – that way, you can ensure you’re not using too much product and can easily wipe it clean after each use.

When it comes to mixing, remember: be inventive and have fun. It’s an artform after all.

Happy mixing dolls!

Fellan Robinson

Fellan Robinson  

Makeup artist from Australia, YouTube beauty blogger, stylist, mummy and all round makeup and fashion addict // www.youtube.com