The new face of the Nine Gold Coast News team is not actually ‘new’ to the Coast at all. Newsreader Wendy Kingston is a born and bred Gold Coast girl – returning home after over a decade in the Nine news room in Sydney. We got to know the woman behind the news desk – and what her children think about mum’s face being on TV each night!

With three kids under five (Joshua 4, Sam 2, Mia 8 months), Wendy says that her children’s bond with their grandparents was a big consideration in relocating from Sydney to the Gold Coast. “My children have a beautiful relationship with their grandparents and I wanted us to live in the same state. Now we are in walking distance to my parents and the beach. It doesn’t get much better than that,” says Wendy.

Every mum knows the work/family juggle can be challenging at best – imagine adding the need to look great on camera, vanquish the ‘baby brain’ and start a new gig when less than a year ago you had your third child!

“It’s a daily challenge to fit everything in and try and be the best mum you can be and the best journalist you can be. It works because we have a wonderful support network, family and a beautiful nanny … but some nights I’m hanging out washing at 10:45pm!”

What’s the toughest part of her job? “Being on time to the office! Any parent will know trying to get anywhere with children or organise children is hard. Also looking presentable – but thankfully we have a wonderful team of hair and makeup artists who help me look awake! Once there, the hardest thing is delivering sad news when children are involved,” says Wendy.

After growing up on the Coast, going to school and university here, then climbing the career ladder and moving to Sydney, what are the greatest changes Wendy has noticed since coming back? “The shopping and dining have stepped up a notch – there are now some gorgeous restaurants on the Coast (not that I have a lot of time to explore them all!).”

Wendy gave us the lowdown on her favourite spots to enjoy the Coast:

Eat: Dune Cafe (good for children), The Salt Mill in Currumbin for an amazing acai bowl, Justin Lane for delicious pizza.

Shop: Robina Town Centre and Pacific Fair, The Village Markets in Burleigh.

Relax: any of our beautiful beaches or Tallebudgera Creek.

Does the news buff ever disconnect from current affairs on her days off? “Never – I’m a total news addict. It’s my love and my hobby rolled into one,” she says.

After carving a career in front of the camera, Wendy says the one thing she wished she knew as a young journo was, “Don’t sweat the small stuff – I’ve always been very overcritical of myself.” (Not so difficult to imagine when work requires you to face the nation in front of a TV camera!).

We asked Wendy what her kids think of their onscreen mummy – “They think it’s very funny – and Sammy (2) used to get a little confused!”

And if you think it’s all bright lights and glam-squads, think again. This dynamic mum is juggling the pressures of work and home just like the rest of us. “I think some [people] think I lead a glamorous TV life but let me tell you it’s far from it some days, and I’m just like any other working mum – I can’t survive without coffee!”


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Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

Courtney Robinson is a Gold Coast mum, passionate foodie, whole foods recipe creator and personal trainer certified in holistic digestive health and nutrition. Follow @athletist_ or visit athletist.com.au for recipes, workout tips and training hacks.