We’ve had our eye on Tekkers Eyewear for a while now. Affordable, easy style to frame your face, with a range that suits guys and girls equally and a price that won’t break the bank – even if the kids break your sunnies! In keeping with our Rad Dad theme this month, we got behind the brand with Dan Talbot, Tekkers Eyewear founder and dad to two young sons.


How did Tekkers Eyewear start?

I’ve always had a thing for sunnies but am renowned for breaking and losing them. An everyday event that stretches into the night is a guaranteed loss of sunnies, every festival a guaranteed breakage and more recently every grab from one of my sons another pair down. The cost of replacements got increasingly frustrating which got the mind wandering. I’ve always wanted to create something, I have a list of app and business ideas in the Notes section of my phone as long as my arm but I really saw a gap in the market for affordable, fashionable sunnies. Eighteen months and a lot of hard work later, here we are.


What was your collective business experience before starting Tekkers?

There is only a small group of us involved with quite varied backgrounds, none of which are related to running a sunglass brand! I have a degree in Logistics and have worked in a number of supply chain roles in different countries from demand planning, production scheduling, raw materials management, procurement and most recently business transformation. Collectively we like to think we’re well rounded but have no previous design or marketing experience, which has at times been a challenge.


Tekkers product 2Your sunnies are so affordable – how do you keep your cost-base low, and is this a vital part of the Tekkers brand?

Tekkers are all about being what we believe to be the perfect balance between quality and price. Our overheads are kept to an absolute minimum; there are no middle men, no retailers taking their slice and a very small team of dedicated people. As we grow we plan to keep expanding the range, but being within the $50-$100 price point and staying true to why this all began is important to us and we’re determined not to become another overpriced label.


How did you build your social following so quickly?

I love social media and started building a brand following before we even had any product to sell, just by doing and sharing the things I do every day. I’m a bit of a wannabe photographer, love surfing, soccer, the gym and the beach – interests that a lot of Aussies share. I’ve been blown away by the power of social media and just how quickly people have related to our brand and what we’re all about. Our social media strategy is pretty straight forward: do the things we love doing, share it and interact with people that love doing the same things. Of course, this is made easy being lucky enough to live by the beach.


Describe the Tekkers brand in three words.

Happening, Spirited, Fresh.


How often do you release new lines/models, and what are your design inspirations?

We’ve only been live four months now, started with three colours of Hushwoods and have since added another two Hushwood styles and the Scorcher range. We have a more female-friendly range in the pipeline scheduled for launch in November and the Scorchers have endless possibilities. Every three to six months we’ll hopefully be able to add something new which keeps things fresh. Our designs aren’t overly complicated which again is something we’re happy with.


What’s new for Tekkers this season?

By summer we hope to have the Scorcher range up to at least six styles and the new Frisk range (designed more with females in mind) up and running. It’s hard not to get carried away; we’re full of ideas but wanting to build things right as a priority. I know how frustrating it is trying to buy products that are constantly out of stock and getting poor customer service, so this is still the most important thing.


Tekkers_Dan Talbot 2How do you juggle the demands of a new business with being dad?

This has been by far the biggest challenge! With two kids under three at home, a house purchase, a wedding, an addiction to the gym and beach and still working a full time job within the last 18 months whilst setting this up, time has been the most constrained currency. Looking back I’m really not sure how it’s been done . . . a lot of late nights, a very supportive wife and a man cave under the house are probably the most important ingredients but so is enjoying what you do. It’s surprising once you get really passionate about something you will always find time for it. And no matter what, everything is put aside on Sundays for family day because that’s still the highest priority of all.


What’s the best advice your dad ever gave you?

My dad is in his 70s now but hasn’t lost any of his energy for life. He’s a legend. It’s not really advice but he has two sayings. “Carpe Diem” (seize the day) from the movie Dead Poets Society which as a kid was a movie he pushed me into watching but it inspired me quite a lot. The other one which I love is, “Enjoy it, don’t destroy it” which he most commonly said before I would go out drinking for the evening with mates but it became quite a legendary saying amongst my crowd and is definitely one I can see myself using with the kids as they grow up.







Check out Tekkers’ Hushwood and Scorchers sunnies, and more inspirational and entrepreneurial dads in our special September dad-issue, out now.


Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

Courtney Robinson is a Gold Coast mum, passionate foodie, whole foods recipe creator and personal trainer certified in holistic digestive health and nutrition. Follow @athletist_ or visit athletist.com.au for recipes, workout tips and training hacks.