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The weather is heating up, the summer fruits are starting to make an appearance and salads are back on the menu!

I love the colours and flavours of spring and summertime food. We eat first with our eyes, so it’s no surprise that we love the colours of the rainbow on our plates.

I find that i am super busy in spring and summer and as we come out of hibernation and back into early morning training sessions (to beat the crowds and the heat!) mornings can be hectic. For this reason i am a hUGe fan of liquid nutrition. Not the pre-packaged on-the-go-packs and cans from the petrol station fridge, but wholefood liquid nutrition.

Pre and post workout wholefood plant protein drinks, juices with chia and acai and of course my all-time favourite way to get green veggies into kids: the amazing Green Smoothie.

Liquid nutrition is fast and functional. No matter what your tastes you will find a combination you will love and that can be absorbed and digested quickly too. Blended fruit drinks have been around for centuries in various cultures particularly in South America. today the smoothie industry is growing rapidly and in the US it is reported to bring in over $2 billion in sales.

If you are not already a smoothie fan, then dust off the blender and get whizzing! Making them at home will save you money and provide an opportunity to experiment with flavours.

My Mr 9 is crazy about the good old banana smoothie at the moment – made on almond milk with frozen banana (to make it creamy and frothy) and a dash of honey or agave or even maple syrup is great. A delicious and nutritious after school snack that will keep him going until dinner time.

My morning routine during the week sees me arrive home from early morning clients at around 6.45am. i have a small timeframe to prepare and serve breakfast, get the lunches made, have something to eat myself and get both boys out the door by 7.30am. on these days i am a huge fan of Liquid nutrition Green for me and often cacao banana for the kids. i generally make sufficient green smoothie to top up my bottle for later too or freeze in zip lock bags for days when i am really on the run.

Blended fruit drinks have been around for centuries in various cultures particularly in South America. Today the smoothie industry is growing rapidly and in the US it is reported to bring in over $2 billion in sales

Finding the right combination can be trial and error as we have so many different flavours – fruits, veggies, dairy products or non-dairy to choose from.

When you are first experimenting with combinations, go for light and crisp flavours that deliver essential vitamins and minerals without bloating your stomach. I tend not to use any dairy products but you can add yoghurt into your smoothies as a dairy boost rather than making your whole smoothie on milk.

The GreeN Smoothie is an amazing way to get a variety of much needed greens into our digestive system. in my house we use:

  • coconut water straight from the coconut and I will add some coconut flesh too
  • cold filtered water
  • Kale
  • Baby Spinach
  • Green Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Frozen Banana pieces
  • Avocado

The fruit will provide the sweetness and you can also add lime, lemon or pineapple and any other collared green veggies you have. Broccoli sprouts sometimes find their way into our green smoothies too.

The options are only limited by your tastes. if your blender doesn’t have sharp blades, then chop the Kale and other collard greens coarsely before adding to the blender. The green smoothie may be chunky at first – just test and then re blend if needed. try not to strain the smoothie so that you benefit from all the fibre from the fruit and veggies.

If you want more protein – then pick up some 80% plus Whey protein powder from the tubs at your health food store. this is the best way to purchase Whey as you can buy smaller quantities and see if you like it rather than have a huge tub sitting on the kitchen bench.

There are many forms of protein powders that you can add to smoothies – speak to someone at your health food store who can show you the variety of plant and whey based protein powders. try to avoid added sugar. remember you are looking for liquid nutrition, not a sugar spike.

Get the kids into the kitchen and let them help you with some combinations too! they will love the colours they can make – use fresh or frozen berries to give your smoothies a variety of colour and taste. Why not go for a different colour smoothie everyday these holidays?

For more free smoothie recipes log on to www.FetaylorFitness.com.au


Fe Taylor

Fe Taylor  

Fe Taylor is a passionate health and wellbeing guru. Fe has dedicated her career in fitness, nutrition and wholefood education to help others along their health and fitness journey. Fe is a proud mum to her two boys, Tom and Jude. She is the founder of the Childrens Health & Wellbeing Expo, and currently serves as an ambassador for the chairty Nutrition Plus // www.fetaylor.juiceplus.com.au