We’ve all learnt how important good brows are, whether it’s the hard way (damn 90’s trends) or the easy way (our angel of a mother telling us never to pluck them). Now, with the trend of grown out, untouched ‘boho’ brows at the forefront, how the hell are you meant to grow them out?!

If you feel like your brow hairs are still growing, just not quickly enough, castor oil will be your best friend, according to Isabella Walker of Bella Brows. Found at any health food store, this a naturally-derived product with some mind-blowing health and beauty benefits (seriously, Google and prepare to be amazed). Put simply, castor oil boosts blood circulation to the hair follicles, leading to faster hair growth.

If you feel your brows are past the point of any natural remedy, Isabella says trying a professional brow tint would be your next go-to. Tinting the hairs and the skin to create a brow shape can make a world of difference for brows lacking structure and OOMPH! Lasting 2-3 weeks, it saves time filling brows in with pencil or powder. Plus, it means you’re in and out of the salon within 15 minutes – easy upkeep for any mum on the go.

If tinting doesn’t quite do enough, another option is semi-permanent brow tattooing – which Isabella says isn’t as scary as it sounds. The ideal brow shape is created using natural hair-like strokes, so the results can be as dramatic and transformational or natural and subtle as you like! The colour chosen is be customised to you, numbing cream is used before and throughout, and results last between 12-24 months. If you have any questions or concerns about cosmetic tattooing or any other brow enhancements, visit the team at Bella Brows in store for a complimentary consult or give the girls a call to chat it all through before any appointment.


Isabella Walker

Isabella Walker  

Bella Brows specialises in eyebrow shaping and lash lifts to enhance your natural beauty