Have you made your Christmas gift list yet and checked it twice? If you are still wondering what the heck to get those family members in your world who have everything already, here are some hip and cool (and downright sensible!) ideas from some of the savviest women of the interwebs.



Chantelle Ellem is the bright and bubbly blogger behind Fat Mum Slim. If the name is unfamiliar, her Photo a Day Challenge won’t be. Chantelle was an early adopter of blogging and has since amassed a substantial online following of readers looking for that splash of digital sunshine and delight in their day, as well as amateur photography enthusiasts who (if you follow Photo a Day) can provide some of the best photography going around the interwebs on any given day. Chantelle is married to Shane and mum to Lacey, 7, and Lulu, 2. They call Northern New South Wales home.


Tell us what Christmas means to you:

Christmas means getting together and having a good time. It means taking the time to enjoy good food, spoil the people I love, see the kids the happiest they could ever be, and just take time to celebrate life in the sunshine. Also, let’s not kid, it’s a time to eat all the food we never eat the rest of the year and not care one iota about the calories!


What do you do to get your house/family into the spirit of Christmas:

If I had my way, every inch of the house would be covered in blinking lights, but they’re hard to set up and we’re quite restrained. We put up a tree, decorate the outside of the house, put a wreath on the door, enjoy a neighbourhood Christmas party and send out Christmas cards to let people know that they’re loved and thought of.


Describe what Christmas Day will look/feel/taste/smell like for you this year:

We just got a pool in, so Christmas is going to be all about swimming and having a blast in the water. We’ll probably head to the beach in the morning and then back home for a swim, breakfast, presents, family time and then a lot of lazing around afterwards. It smells like garlic prawns cooking on the BBQ and tastes like chocolate pavlova for dessert.


Your best Christmas gift ideas for:

  1. Young girls: A sweet dress, a book, a craft kit, a little purse with a gold coin inside or a pair of swimming costumes.
  2. Young boys: A fun t-shirt, a book, some crafty goodies, a cool cap (monogrammed if possible) and swimming costumes.
  3. Mums: A voucher for some pampering, a candle, wine or beautiful handcream.
  4. Dads: Hipster beer, anything tech like speakers for their phone, iTunes vouchers or chocolates.
  5. Grandparents: I like making up a little hamper of cheese, fig paste, crackers, wine and a homemade dip.
  6. Teachers: Let’s not joke around, every teacher deserves a beautiful bottle of wine. And a lotto ticket.


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Belinda Glindemann

Belinda Glindemann  

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