Books are a fantastic gift idea for children because they are educational and entertaining at the same time. They also encourage kids to use their imagination and to take a break from video games and the iPad! Books don’t have to be boring and the list below contains 10 that are humorous, adventurous, stimulating and even ones the parents will enjoy reading too!

1. A Flair for Hair (Ages 3+)
Bilyana Di Costanzo, $19.99, New Holland

‘A Flair for Hair’ is a humorous children’s book that shows modern-day hairstyles on different animals with cartoon illustrations.


2. Seek and Find Cities (Ages 6-8)
Lonely Planet Kids, $14.99, Lonely Planet Global Limited

Follow the adventures of Cat and Bird in this fun, colourful, search-and-find book as the two best buds travel around the world to explore the different culture’s festivities.


3. This is My World (Ages 6-8)
Lonely Planet Kids, $29.99, Lonely Planet Global Limited

This book explores the stories of 84 children who live around the world. In their own words, they provide an insight to their families, pets, hobbies, homes and celebrations. Find yourself in incredible places like Zambezi, Greenland and Alaska!


4. The Flag Book (Ages 9-12)
Lonely Planet Kids, $29.99, Lonely Planet Global Limited

Have you ever wondered what the story or inspiration is behind each country’s flag? This fact-filled book discovers the meaning behind the colours, patterns and symbols of the flags around the world.


5. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ugly Animals (Ages 4+)
Sami Bayly, $32.99, Hachette

All animals, beautiful or ugly, should have the equal opportunity of being in the limelight! It’s time for the beautiful flamingos and zebras to step aside, as this illustrated encyclopedia only has room to showcase the animal kingdom’s most beauty-challenged species.


6. Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Eats Christmas (Ages 3-6)
Lou Carter & Nikki Dyson, $15.99, Hachette

Join Oscar the Hungry Unicorn in this hilarious sequel where it’s up to him to save Christmas Day after Santa’s trusty reindeer are unable to fly!


7. Take Heart Take Action (Ages 6+)
Beci Orpin, $19.99, Hachette

This is a book where parents and children can both takeaway valuable lessons after reading it. It provides twenty conversation starters on how you can make a positive impact on today’s world.


8. Hidden Wonders (Ages 9-12)
Lonely Planet Kids, $29.99, Lonely Planet Global Limited

The eerie glowworm caves in New Zealand, riding with wild horses in the Namib desert and swinging off the edge of the world in the Ecuador are some of the amazing wonders you’ll find yourself reading about in this book!


9. Oi Puppies! (Ages 3-6)
Kes Gray & Jim Field, $24.99, Hachette

The tremendous Frog, Dog and Cat trio are back — but this time they have some visitors. They’re looking after some puppies who just will not SIT! They’re driving everyone crazy, but luckily Frog has an interesting plan…


10. The Impossible Boy (12+)
Ben Brooks, $19.99, Hachette

Explore the world of imagination with Oleg and Emma after they invent a new classmate named Sebastian in their secret den. It’s all fun and games for the three until things soon take a turn and the mysterious Institute of Unreality wants to capture and erase Sebastian.



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