Most kids have the attention span and patience of a fly. So long-haul travel can be disastrous if not planned correctly. Remember, the journey is a big part of the adventure. Don’t let your holiday get off to a bad start simply because you weren’t prepped for the flight or the long drive. Here are some boredom-busting tips for keeping the kids occupied:

This is one that suits everyone – even the big kids. Buy a new colouring-in book with loads of detail (obviously depending on your kids’ ability but adult colouring-in books can be intricate and fun) as well as a new set of pens or pencils for full effect. You could even buy a frame beforehand and let them know that the best completed colouring-in of the holidays will get framed and hung on the wall – this should encourage them to complete the design and who doesn’t love a competition?!

In everyday life, we parents would discourage excess screen time but, let’s face it, an iPad filled with movies is going to keep them quite and occupied for ages.

For the older kids, buy them a travel journal so they can write down holiday memories and have a place to collect memorabilia like boarding passes, ticket stubs, international bank notes etc.

A brand new story book (which is more pleasing than a boring oldie from the home bookshelf) can be a cheap and easy item to throw in the luggage and be pulled out anytime throughout your holiday. Don’t tell them you’ve bought them a new book beforehand – the element of surprise will make it even more special!

Again, another one to suit all ages. A deck of cards is compact and cheap. Google or YouTube some new games to keep them occupied and interested longer.

Think suduko, crossword and/or find-a-word books. Chose something that suits your kids’ ability level. Work the puzzles with them. Offer small rewards for completed puzzles.

A simple piece of string tied into a loop can have them forming cat’s cradles, teacup and saucer, ladders, drums and more. Unless you have your own string game repertoire to share from your childhood, make sure you’ve got some WiFi and simply Google for ideas. That string will keep them practising for hours!

Photo Credit // Jenna Agius Photography



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