When once it might have been a little odd to see boys lining up to take dance classes, there’s one local studio showing the world that boys can move just as well as the girls.


Ikin Dance on the Gold Coast is proving male dancers truly are a force to be reckoned with following the launch of boys-only classes at the Varsity Lakes studio. Ikin Dance founder/director Anthony Ikin admits that years ago, when he was at primary school, “dance was for girls”.


“That has really changed with the birth of hip hop,” Anthony explains. “TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance have really given male dancers street cred.”


Ikin Dance celebrates 15 years of operation this year. Anthony says when once boys made up only 1 per cent of the total enrollment across his studio, it is now around the 15 per cent mark. Anthony has launched weekly male-only, hip hop/jazz classes to encourage even more male participation in “an environment where the boys feel super con dent and cool!”. Anthony says, overall, dance is more popular now than ever before. He puts the surge in demand for dance classes down to social media, YouTube dance clips and music videos that are teaching and inspiring modern kids right across the world.


“Dance is also so popular as a sport among kids as it’s the best way to combine fitness, self expression and fun. What an awesome way to keep the kids t and healthy, combat obesity and teach them discipline all at the same time!” And Anthony himself is the perfect real-life example to parents that their kids’ ‘fun’ pastime might actually be something they can make a career out of. Anthony started as a young gymnast but his height was a barrier to true success in that sport. So he moved across to competitive aerobics where he held world titles and travelled the world all before his adult years. It was at the suggestion that, as a 17 year old, he take up dancing to improve his aerobic ability, he ‘accidentally’ fell in love with dance and found his true calling.


“As a 20-year-old I started my own studio. I’ve trained in Los Angeles, danced the Moulin Rouge in Paris – there is so much potential, so many opportunities and so may career pathways when you’re a dancer.”


Anthony says there are always three keys elements in any successful dancer; they need to show musicality (ie. they ‘get’ the beat), they need to be able to focus, and natural flexibility and strength/power are also handy.


Visit www.ikindance.com.au


Belinda Glindemann

Belinda Glindemann  

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