Running a business and a household isn’t easy – trust us we know! Laura Ruston, founder of Out and About Baby, shares with us her experience and strategies of managing a business while raising a newborn.

What issues did you face when starting a business as a new mum?
I’d say more than anything the biggest challenge is finding the time. My number one priority is my son. But then to also find time for my husband, the business, and also time for myself was, and still is a constant juggling act.

How did you overcome them?
The lesson I’ve learnt from it all is that you can’t do it all yourself.  Let other people in who are different to you to provide a diversity of opinion and support you when you can’t do things yourself. This is especially important when you are a mum. You juggle so many different roles that it makes it better for everyone when you just let go and accept help.

What helped you to keep going in your darkest times?
Initially, it was the support from friends and family who really thought that the idea of Out & About Baby was a great one. Once we had the site up and running, the beautiful feedback we get from our users on a daily basis telling us just how much we help them with their not so great times really pushes us to constantly improve the experience for them.

What advice do you have for new mothers about to return to the workplace?
Don’t overdo it. Remember that you’re not the same as you were before you had the baby (even though you may look it, I’m pretty sure you don’t feel it). Give your brain time to adjust from baby to work and start with smaller steps. I also really found that doing something I’m passionate about helped me feel less of the mummy guilt, which totally eases as time goes by. Finally, if it’s not right, work to make it better or change it. A happy mum is the best mum ever for your kids.

What are your top tips for managing stress? 
Wine, laughing with friends, having someone to vent to and maybe a little bit of pilates or a good walk to help clear the head.




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