An Easter egg hunt is a long weekend staple, but do you know the secret tips and tricks to make it egg-cellent?! If not, don’t panic – we’ve turned to the chocolate experts at Cadbury for their go-to guide.

Step 1: Location

Just like real estate, location is everything when it comes to your Easter egg hunt. It’s essential to choose a location with ample hiding spots – think lots of trees with nooks and crannies, or even in the veggie patch.

Step 2: Stock up on eggs

The most important part of the Easter egg hunt is, of course, the eggs! Stock up on a variety of delicious Easter eggs and bunnies – not only for the hunters, but also for you to enjoy while the kids are otherwise occupied.

Step 3: Grab and prep Easter baskets

If they’re going to be hunting for eggs, they’ll need somewhere to put them! Give a named bucket to everyone participating – not only will this make for a nice little keepsake for the kids, but it also ensures no chocolates go missing and prevents grumpy children post-hunt.

Step 4: Hide the Easter Eggs

This is the fun part! Get creative with the hiding spots, whether you nestle them into pot plants, behind trees or under bikes. For extra fun, write clues and stick them around the hunt location to guide your kids to gift boxes hidden in top secret locations.

Step 5: Ready, Set, Hunt!

Start the countdown from 10 and get the kids hunting! When you’re certain all the eggs are all found, huddle the kids together and count the eggs. You could even have a larger bunny to give out as a prize to the winner!



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