If there’s one thing every parent struggles with, it’s how to keep our kids off those damn devices.  

Let’s face it – we all love our smartphones, iPads, laptops and any other device we can get our hands on. But while we adults generally have the ability to self-regulate and know when enough is enough, our kids can’t always determine when it’s time for a break.

One way that we can pull them away from their screens is a family afternoon of board games, puzzles or card games – anything that will get the family sitting around the coffee table talking, laughing and having fun.

The thing is, not all card games are created equal. Some are more suited to older kids, while others are perfect for the whole family. So what are the right card games for the right ages to peel these kids away from their smartphones? We’ve listed our favourites.

For the young kids

For kids under 10, it might be worth sticking to simpler games. Our top recommendations include:

  1. Go Fish
  2. Spoons
  3. Memory
  4. Old Maid
  5. Uno

For the older kids

Kids older than 10 will likely be able to move beyond Go Fish and onto other, more advanced games. Our top recommendations include:

  1. Spit
  2. Cheat
  3. Poker
  4. Monopoly Deal
  5. Five Hundred

Is there a favourite card game of yours that we have missed on this list? Let us know over on Facebook!

  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S card deck, $19.99, www.amazon.com.au 
  2. Monopoly Deal, $12.99, www.ozgameshop.com 
  3. Frida’s Paradise memory cards, $24.90, www.hardtofind.com.au 




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