The 170,000 blooms planted across Toowoomba’s many parks and public spaces aren’t the only stars of this year’s Carnival of Flowers – a selection of locally-based chalk artists are also ones to watch!

The artists, introduced below, will bring colour to the concrete paths of the Queens Park Botanic Gardens every Saturday, more than making up for the musical entertainment which had to be forgone due to COVID-19-safe restrictions.

The Artists-in-Residence Chalk Art program is just one of 30+ events and activations included in this year’s Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. Other must-try attractions include the new region-wide food trail #trEATS, as well as the popular Talking Pub and Foodie Dinner Tours, Rowes light shows at night, guided and non-guided walking tours, as well as activations Cobb + Co Museum and the much-loved floral group displays. 

The floral-inspired chalk program includes:

Mary-Kate Thomson
Saturday 12 September, from 10am to 2pm

Local artist and designer Mary-Kate Thomson has worked in many areas of the art world and her involvement with Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers spans many years, including creating two ephemeral artworks – The Bed of Roses in 2007, and Umbrelliads in 2008 – both part of the Avant Garden initiative of Arts Council Toowoomba in response to severe drought and showcased during Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. She is also active in Council float design and construction, is a keen advocate for the local arts industry through Arts Council Toowoomba, and is passionate about teaching children the arts through her business ARTiculate Art and Drama Studio.

Alex Stalling
Saturday 19  September, 10am to 2pm

Alex Stalling has over a decade of experience in creative industries as a practicing artist, founding and managing artist run spaces, event and festival programming and community engagement. Working primarily in acrylic, watercolour and line work, she creates works that invoke happy, referencing objects, organic representations, animals, nature and emotive motivations to create bold designs. Founder of creative studio Tinker she enjoys sharing her love of the arts through creative workshops.


Stacey Blinco
Saturday 26 September, 10am to 2pm

Art has held Stacey Blinco’s attention for as long as she can remember, and she became serious about painting 12 years ago.  Her subjects, style and mediums vary; she has a great love of drawing and painting in acrylic, oil, watercolour, or ink. If a composition catches her eye, she cannot help but capture it.  Stacey is a member of Artists of Crows Nest Inc. and regularly exhibits her work locally.




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