Hey haven fam,

Get ready for a bittersweet update – a mix of goodbye hugs and excitement. The past few years have been nothing short of a wild ride – a rollercoaster, with unexpected twists, turns and maybe a loop-de-loop or two.

There’s no doubting the pandemic hit us like a rogue wave. At the time, we adjusted our sails, shelved our print mag, and focussed on our digital opportunities. haven creative, our content marketing business, in fact blossomed out of the pandemic and, gratefully, it’s still buzzing with an ever-growing list of clients enjoying our team’s various creative services.

However, we’re here today to tell you that the digital aspects of haven magazine are also joining the print mag on the shelf as we pause the entire magazine side of our company to focus on the creative stuff that we simply adore – as well as a few new horizons…

To our incredible haven magazine readers, you guys have always been the heartbeat of haven. To the contributors who made our content shine and the local businesses that not only believed in us but also showered us with rad giveaways – you’re our heroes. And to my team along the way, it has been the absolute joy working with over the last decade plus, growing this business while raising our kids and creating a fun, flexible family work environment which I am so proud of.

For now, we’ll still be adding a sprinkling of haven goodness to our socials. Expect sporadic updates, jokes that might even crack a smile on our teenagers’ faces and those local tips and tales that we know best. We adore our life on the Goldie and sharing it with you has been a highlight of our journey so that won’t stop. And, of course, haven creative will continue to keep our team connected to those local businesses who seek our brand of creative flavour and content marketing services.

haven magazine fam, I thank you for 13 amazing years of family, laughter and unforgettable moments. This isn’t a solid goodbye – more so, I feel it’s a ‘see you later’ as we continue our journey to find the perfect new caretakers for haven magazine. We know they’re out there. Maybe it’s you? If so – let’s chat!

Here’s to the next story, the next chapter, the next edition and the next adventure. And all the smiles and laughs in between…



haven is all about family, life and style in Brisbane's inner city suburbs, the Gold Coast, south to Byron Bay. We have been keeping parents in the know for over eight years, with fun, fresh and helpful stories that they can take tips from or treasure in their own library.