How much thought have you given to the concept of Christmas? Read on, to find out…

I have been writing articles on health for the last 25 years or so and I am often asked how I survive Christmas celebrations. Christmas is a topic that comes up often in practice. In many previous Christmas articles I have covered food options and conscious choices and practices to avoid the Christmas dietary upsets. This year I’ll look at some of the other issues that come up around this time of year…

Have you questioned the way you spend Christmas each year? How do you experience it? How do you feel about it? Are you continuing a family tradition? There are many things you could consider.

From the perspective of health, Christmas is somewhat of a milestone. Sometimes we consider what we have achieved in health, career, family etc. Other times it may be that we see all the things we didn’t achieve in yet another year gone by. A good starting point is to look at the attachments we have to Christmas, or the conditions we sought to change by Christmas.

I often hear the retorts of distress such as “I was going to be fitter, or a different weight, or in a new career etc etc” or of the impending “in-law” visits, or having to cater for this one and that one, or the prospect of getting the house into Christmas-worthy shape – all the usual stuff!

However, all that aside, essentially Christmas is another of many celebrations, be it spiritual or otherwise. If you love Christmas just the way it is for you, keep it up. If not, what would you change? Does Christmas hold emotional triggers for you? Does anxiety or grief attach itself to this time of year? These issues may need to be addressed with professional help, but reviewing our Christmas routine may hold a simple key to changing your experience.

Friendship Christmas celebrations are a good consideration. Many of us have family interstate, or overseas. Many have “mixed” family situations, some are alone. Friendship gatherings with those people you choose to spend social time with, the people you enjoy spending time with, those you love and love to be with, may hold the key to a very happy Christmas. Club Christmas parties, social group Christmas parties and the like could be the new way of Christmas for you?

Finding a way to be content, at ease and happy is perhaps the greatest pathway to good health. Finding the path that suits you can then be applied to much more of your life. Christmas, as a celebration of life, may also be the milestone that you have been looking for. Give it some thought.

Words: John Burchell



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