Meet the Gold Coast’s very own Glitter Girl, Sophia Rizzo. She’s a 10-year-old kidpreneur who is brightening up the world, one tub of sparkly glitter at a time.

Tell us briefly how Glitter Girl all came about.

I have always wanted to own my own business since I was very young. When I was in Grade 2, I told my mum I was going to be the head of Hello Kitty in Japan as I was learning the Japanese language at school. I would always visit my Aunt’s shop in Brisbane and she would teach me how to use the cash register, take money from customers for payment and it was always so much fun getting to count the money at the end of the day!

When we were in Hawaii on holidays in 2016, we visited some shops where there was so many sparkly things to buy that we didn’t have back here in Australia. We were swimming in the ocean later that day and Mum asked me if I could open a business what would it be and what would I call it. I immediately said “Glitter!” and I’d call it “Glitter Girl”. I knew everything I wanted it to sell and what it would be like. Rainbows, unicorns and everything pink, but most of all EVERYTHING glitter. When I was in Grade 4, I started selling small pots of glitter at school – I would take samples write down the orders on my notepad. Then the next day I would take in the stock and my friends would pay me. Until the teachers found out because EVERYONE was wearing glitter… Ooops! So, no more selling glitter at school. We took the business online.

Were your parents surprised with your idea at first? Yes, they thought it was just a cute idea until I bought out my unicorn notepad and showed them all of the pages filled with my ideas! Then we started talking as a family about how we can make the business come to life.

Why is Glitter Girl the perfect business/persona for you? 

I just looooove sparkle. My Mum and Dad have taught me that business needs to be fun, then you will always work super, super hard because you love what you are doing. This is how I feel about Glitter Girl. I get to play with glitter, dress up in beautiful sparkly clothes and send people happiness in a tub.

How do you juggle the business around school and any extra-curricular activities?

I just wish I could go to the Glitter Girl head office every single day and play with the super sparkly glitter, but I have to go to school. So Mum brings homework for me to do and I always carry my unicorn notepad full of my business ideas. Sometimes I will email mum from my school iPad with reminders for her then we will go to the warehouse after school and on weekends. I do cheerleading for seven hours a week, which I absolutely love and we always find time to go to the beach. My Mum and Dad still want me to be able to be a normal kid and let them worry about the business stuff.

What was the absolute best day of your life? 

I think it would have been the day JoJo Siwa was at Seaworld earlier this year. I had always dreamed of seeing her in real life, but the most amazing part was that when I was lining up with hundreds of other kids, I heard people calling my name! They came over and asked if they could have a photo with me – I couldn’t believe it! I had just been saying to my Mum a few weeks before that it would be so amazing if someone recognised me – and it actually happened!

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Oh that’s easy. I would be able to bring unicorns to life and fly around sprinkling glittery happiness from the sky. I would pick up my friends from school and we would fly there all together.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend? 

My favourite thing is to go to the warehouse and do all of the orders! I love seeing what people order, where they live and packaging it all up for them. Apart from that, I love jumping on my trampoline and swimming in the sparkling ocean.

What book have you most recently read? What movie have you most recently seen? 

I loooove reading and anything that has “unicorn” in the title is my type of book. I don’t really watch a lot of movies, I would rather do craft.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

I will always be Glitter Girl. There is nothing else in the world I would want to be. When you get to play with glitter all day, everything else seems super dooper boring.

Which celebrity do you look up to, and why?

I really love JoJo Siwa because she is a really hard worker and is also a kidpreneur. She loves life and loves making other people happy.

Where do you see yourself and the Glitter Girl business in 15 years? I see the Glitter Girl makeup brand being global. We will have much larger premises and have hundreds of stores retailing our range. I believe in my heart of hearts that this business will be loved by so many people around the world. Spreading happiness one speck of glitter at a time.

What has been the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“Keep following your heart and your dreams! Keep chasing them wildly, as everything is possible when you believe in yourself and know you are the creator of the future.”  – artist, Lisa Pollock.




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