Is clutter about the things in our home or what goes on in our mind? Tough question. But one that should be well considered.

Did you know, clutter in your mind will reflect clutter in your home and vice versa. The more clutter we have around us, the more overwhelmed and out of control we feel. There is massive emphasis placed on possessions today. We purchase items for small amounts of money through sales year round. We have exceptionally cheap 24/7 online shopping at our fingertips with on-point marketing popping onto our social media encouraging us. ‘Big brother’ seems to know exactly what we are interested in and, let’s face it, some of us cannot resist. This style of bargain shopping and the desire to have more is too great and fully supports the global epidemic of materialistic instant gratitude. There appears to be a need to have it and then, we must have it NOW! The ripple effect is driving up the country’s ever-increasing credit card debt. There is a desire to want so much and we get it anyway we can. Then, what do we do with all the possessions we have?

Until we take stock, our credit card gets cluttered with debt and we get cluttered with the stress of the debt and get thrown into a merry-go-round working to pay off the debt. Our homes are often cluttered with ‘stuff’ and our expensive car gets kicked out of the garage because it’s full of ‘stuff’. When the garage gets full, a storage shed (now very popular) is next to store the overflow. This is a generalization – not everyone is like this. But there are different levels and we might find ourselves at one of these levels.

Clutter can and has broken up relationships. It can and has created anxiety, overwhelm, stress, disappointment, sadness, anger and many other negative emotions. Being in this state can easily drive us towards illness with our body being unbalanced and heading towards dis-ease. Do we want to continue doing what we do and getting the same result? The disorganisation of the clutter is uncomfortable and often disabling. Often we do not know what to do, therefore, paralysed, we stay. Then we repeat, repeat and repeat again.

We all have stuff, therefore we all have clutter. Some of us might be surrounded by it and might even feel unable to invite friends over. We might invite guests over and hide it away as best we can, wanting to save embarrassment or shame. We might have clutter and feel comfortable living in it. We might have it all stashed in the cupboard, under the bed or in the attic. We are all different, we think and operate differently, however, for most of us the stress of clutter is real and it upsets us causing an imbalance. Do we want to find a way to make some changes?

There are a number of websites, apps, coaches, companies and support groups to help us. But firstly it’s about acknowledging we want to change. Giving ourselves permission to do something different and even letting it go. The KonMari Method is filled with joyfulness in letting go of the ‘stuff’. Marie Kondo, a best-selling author and acclaimed tidying consultant, is dedicated to organising the world and sparking joy in people’s lives. Marie lives in Japan and is considered the most organised woman in the world. Her method is a way of life and a state of mind that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in people’s lives.

The KonMari Method for decluttering involves:

  • Committing ourselves to tidy up
  • Imagining our ideal lifestyle
  • Finish discarding first
  • Tidy by category, not by location
  • Follow the right order
  • Ask ourselves, if it sparks joy?
Debbie Hogg

Debbie Hogg  

Debbie Hogg is one of Australia’s leading coaches PCC/APC, is an award winning Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Speaker, Women’s Retreat Master, Writer, Podcaster, Adventurous Hiker and is The Self-Worth Coach. Debbie is passionate in helping women manage their ‘Inner & Outer’ balance. She is co-creator of Life Skills Programs, assisting parents teach children confidence and resilience. Debbie knows that when we give ourselves permission to fully show up in our life amazing serendipities occur! She is mum to two amazing teenager daughters // www.debbiehogg.com