Parents play a big role in their child’s education, which shouldn’t stop once they enter the school gates.

We know parents have a tough gig, there’s a lot to do, especially when the kids start school. Between pick up and drop off, extracurricular activities, packing lunches, ironing uniforms and helping with homework what more could there be? For many teachers, the biggest piece of the puzzle is parents actively communicating with them.

That’s right, just keeping in touch with your kids’ teachers can make a big difference both in and out of the classroom. You will have a better idea of how your kids are performing (or behaving) at school and you will be able to identify areas where they need help easier.

Beyond this, you will be able to chat about school a lot easier at home. Having an open discussion with your kids and their teachers about school is important.

So how can I keep in touch with my kids’ teachers?
If you’re looking to reach out to your kids’ teachers here are some easy ways to open the line of communication.

Write a letter or a note
A good start is to sit down and write a note. Giving each of the kids a note to take to their teachers is an easy way to open the lines of communication, however, this will become a lot trickier in high school.

Pick up the phone
If you’re looking for a more personal approach you may want to consider just picking up the phone. A phone call is quick and easy and most teachers won’t mind having a five-minute chat to keep you up-to-speed with what’s happening in the classroom.

Write a quick email 
Like all professionals, teachers are always on email (just not while they are teaching). This is a great way to reach out to your kids’ teachers, especially if you’re worried about the likelihood of your note making it to the classroom. It also means that you can have a more confidential conversation if there is anything worrying you about your kids’ grades or things that happening at school.

Take advantage of parent-teacher interviews 
Parent teacher interviews are a great way to reach out to your kids’ teachers in a more formal setting. The best part is that these often happen after hours, making it easier for us working parents.

Just drop in 
There’s nothing wrong with taking your kids to school or picking them up and just dropping in to see what’s happening. Not only will you get the chance to have a chat with the teacher, but you will also get to see their classroom. Beyond the benefits of reaching out to the teacher, this is another great way for you to connect with your kids.



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