The caroling events may be (sadly) cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean we should miss out on spreading the Christmas cheer throughout our communities! There are plenty of other ways to celebrate Christmas with your friends and neighbours – here are just a few of them.

Host a street party
Christmas is all about spreading the love, and there’s no better way to bring cheer to your neighbourhood than with a street party. Quiet streets and cul de sacs are better suited to these types of events, but if you live on a main road, why not take your get-together to your local park? Everyone can bring a plate and a game or two, and you may even want to put on a Secret Santa if you’re feeling organised. It’s the perfect way to connect with your neighbours, which is something we’ve all learned the value of this year.

DIY the carols instead
Don’t forget that before huge crowds gathered to watch performers sing carols on stage, small groups would walk the streets singing Christmas songs. Why not go back to basics this year? You’ll certainly find a local caroling group to join with a simple Google, but if you can’t, put a group together yourself! Then all you need to do is light a candle (or invest in some electric ones for the kiddos), practice your favourite Christmas songs and hit the streets spreading the cheer.

Put on a festive movie marathon
If you’re still eager to get a gang together for a festive celebration, a movie marathon is the way to go. You can host it outdoors in your backyard to ensure it’s COVID-safe, or better yet, put up a projector screen on your garage door for the neighbourhood kids to enjoy. Iit could be a one-off, or you could show a few Christmas classics over a few nights (here are a few festive flicks to get you started). Projectors are easy to find, and a lot cheaper than they once were – then, all you’ll need is a white sheet, some pegs and a line-up of Christmas movies and you’re sorted.

Throw a festive car party
Remember those car convoys that people all over the world put together to wish their friends a happy, COVID-safe birthday? Why not try a festive alternative?! Grab some tinsel, fairy lights and Christmas-y costumes to decorate your car (uhh, we mean sleigh!) and go on a drive with the kids and Christmas songs blaring! You could tell your friends that you’ll be paying them a festive visit, or simply cruise the streets spreading the cheer. The bigger your convoy, the better!

Be charitable
Whether we try to avoid it or not, Christmas can be a time of major indulgence. So, it makes sense to spend some time, money or effort doing something for someone in return! This could mean baking goodies for your neighbours, putting together Christmas hampers for those less fortunate or volunteering with a community organisation that does good. Here are a few local places you can get involved:



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