Finally – there’s some relief for swimming-mad kids with skin conditions. A brand-new technology in swimming pool sanitisation is sure to provide year-round comfort to families who suffer with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis – just in time for summer!

It’s true that chlorine can help to reduce bacteria that causes infections in eczema-prone skin – while keeping pool water extra clean for swimmers – but it can also act as an irritant, worsening symptoms and causing painful, itchy flare ups. Thankfully, Australian company Maytronics has found a way to reduce chlorine levels by up to 80%, whilst still achieving superior sanitisation – meaning nice clean water that’s soft on sensitive skin.

Using a unique combination of Dead Sea-sourced magnesium – which dermatologists and biochemists agree has calming effects on sensitive skin – and the natural purifying element ‘ozone’, Maytronics MineralSwim system is more powerful than traditional swimming pool chemicals. Only without painful flare-ups or skin irritation.

The Block star and landscaper Dave Franklin raves about the benefits of magnesium-based pool filtration systems. For around the same price as a chlorine or salt-based pool system, Dave says you can be swimming in soft, soothing water without any odour or harsh chemicals if you opt for magnesium.

“This year I’m all about the health benefits of magnesium-based pool filtration systems – there are a few on the market and they’re growing in popularity, but make sure you choose one that’s 100% natural and made without any synthetic ingredients or processing,” says Dave. “They’re also easy to install in a new or existing pool, and a little bit of expert advice will go a long way!”

For crystal clear, clean water, Dave recommends a system that, like Mineral Swim, includes the Ozone – Oxygen process, which is more powerful than chlorine and doesn’t make your eyes red or your skin itchy.

“My kids don’t even need a shower afterwards, it’s that gentle!” says Dave. “And, because of the natural ingredients, it’s much easier to manage because there’s no storing or handling of dangerous chemicals.”

Brisbane mother Natalie McKeering says her 11-year-old daughter, Eva, experiences itching and tingling after exposure to regular chlorine in pools, and has to shower immediately after every swim.

“We have to keep Eva out of swim squad during term three because her eczema is worse during the dryer weather and her skin is just too sensitive for chlorine during that time,” said Natalie. “She recently swam in a pool treated with the magnesium and ozone combination and she didn’t even need to shower afterwards. The water was so much gentler on her skin and it actually felt softer and more hydrated afterwards.”

WIN // Maytronics also offers the only 100% natural skincare range made from ingredients inspired by Dead Sea minerals. The AHAVA skin care range for men and women extends the hydrating, rejuvenating swimming experience beyond the pool and is bottled at the only skin care laboratory located on the banks of the Dead Sea, Israel. Enter below for your chance to win both a women’s and men’s AHAVA gift pack (valued at $245 in total) as well as a Franklin Landscape and Design hoodie, t-shirt and cap courtesy of Dave Franklin himself! Competition closes Sunday January 13 and only the winner will be notified. Good luck!

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