Forget about cute pumpkins and ghosts this Halloween! How about making with your little artists a few crafty spooky bats.

In this fun, budget-friendly project we will transform some painted card into a very cool bat design, using limited resources and loads of creativity!

Suitable for kids from 4 yrs and up – a great project for little kids to practice their cutting and gluing skills,  and improve their fine-motor skills.

A fantastic way to explore and learn about colour/shape/assemblage with your mini-maker. Lets get creepy and creative!

You will need…

  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • A piece of A4 white cardboard
  • Some paint – red and black are great colours!
  • A paint brush
  • Buttons (eyes)

Optional extras…

  • Hole punch
  • A pipe cleaner
  • Some assorted beads or buttons (for threading)
  • A piece of chalk

Step 1 – Paint your white card with some paint – use red/black or perhaps a couple of other Halloween-y colours – green/orange/purple. Allow to dry.



Step 2 – Cut your card a bit less than half way across – long ways. The more narrow length will be used for the wings. To make them a bit more the shape of wings, cut a long curved edge along one side from corner to corner. And also a slightly curved cut on each short edge of the wings too!


Step 3 – Cut about one third off your other strip of card – this can be used for the head of your bat. Cut into the top of the bats head to create ears. Glue the head onto the bat wings into the centre.



Step 4 – Use the remaining scraps to create more detail on your bats wings, also eyes, fangs, and legs.  Arrange shapes and glue down well. Use buttons for your bats eyes.



Step 5 – If you still have some scraps left, you could create a baby bat!

Step 6 – Optional extra – hole punch the top of your bats wings, and hook and attach on your pipe cleaner. Perhaps decorate your pipe cleaner with some beads and buttons too.


Step 7 – Perhaps use some chalk to draw a simple pattern onto your bats wings, maybe some eyebrows too.

Step 8 – Display and admire you very cool bat design!

Tracy McDowall

Tracy McDowall  

Tracy has been running her business RAW Art for the past 24 years. RAW Art runs fun educational hands-on workshops with kids and adults in schools, kindy's, and at their creative art studio in vibrant West End. Tracy believes art is important in every child's life, helping kids to grow into creative innovative thinkers // www.rawartworkshops.com.au