Art is a fantastic way for kids of all ages, and adults too, to relax, unwind, and get reflective!! There is a real satisfaction in simple acts such as drawing, cutting, and glueing, as in this fun no-mess project.

Suitable for kids from 4 yrs and up – a great project for little kids to practice their scissor skills, and improve fine-motor skills. This can be as simple, or as decorative and detailed as you want.

In this project our inspiration is the cactus- we will create a bold and colourful design using simple shapes. Let’s get creative!

You will need…

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black pen
  • A coloured pen ( a Posca Pen is great!!)
  • White A4 mount card
  • A5 coloured card ( for pot)
  • Green card/paper (for cactus)
  • Small Coloured paper (for flower)

All of these supplies can be purchased from Officeworks or can be substituted with a range of other coloured paper/card you may have available at your house – old wrapping paper/ newspapers/ magazines. This can work really well as an upcycle project, allowing for some super creative fun outcomes.

Step 1.
Create your cactus shapes – draw and cut out a series of ‘arched’ shapes. A couple of big ones, and some short ones. Make them long and skinny.

Step 2.
Create your pot – this can be whatever shape you like – square, rounded, skinny, wide. Cut it out.

Step 3.
Arrange and glue – glue onto your A4 mount card.

Step 4.
Flowers – cut out a few small simple flower shapes.

Step 5.
Black pen – create spikes for your cactus – these can be drawn in many different ways – stripes, crosses, dashes, spots. Try a few different ways. Add detail in your flowers too!

Step 6. 
Pattern your pot!! However, you want! Spots/stripes/zigzags/diamonds/swirls.

Step 7.
Admire your cactus design!

Tracy McDowall

Tracy McDowall  

Tracy has been running her business RAW Art for the past 24 years. RAW Art runs fun educational hands-on workshops with kids and adults in schools, kindy's, and at their creative art studio in vibrant West End. Tracy believes art is important in every child's life, helping kids to grow into creative innovative thinkers // www.rawartworkshops.com.au