Like many people, I’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day on my own, but that doesn’t mean I need to sit there and feel sorry for myself. I’ve compiled a list of five things to do when you’re single (and fabulous) on Valentine’s Day – single parents this means you too!

  1. Binge on Netflix

There is so much to watch on Netflix and its library continues to grow. Why not sit down and binge on your favourite movies and shows all day? I mean, movies means snacks and snacks are delicious so it’s a great idea. You could get the kids together and do a Disney movie marathon of old classics and new favourites.

  1. Buy yourself a gift

How often do you stop to recognise yourself? Valentine’s Day is about love and the first person you should love is you. It is obviously the perfect time to race to the store and buy yourself a gift for being fantastic and independent.

  1. Take advantages of the places that will be empty

With couples flocking to every restaurant and cinema they can find a seat at it might be worthwhile to spend some time going to places that are normally busier. A workout or grocery shopping could easily be slotted in. I mean, what’s better than having the whole gym or supermarket to yourself? There’s nobody to judge the weight you’re lifting or the chocolate, cake and corn chips you’re piling in the trolley.

  1. Buy a lot of chocolate and eat it

Just to stick to tradition you can spend the day eating chocolate until you’re feeling sicker than Valentine’s Day has already made you feel. I recommend chocolates in heart shaped boxes to be extra traditional. Self-romance is a thing, right?

  1. Go somewhere with your single friends

Spend the day with those you care about and do something fun. It could be dinner, bowling, a picnic or grabbing a couple of drinks at your favourite bar. This is your day to show the world that you’re single and fabulous!

So when Feb 14 rolls around again, like my eyes into the back of my head when I see PDA, make the most of celebrating you.



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