Melbourne-based brand TinyMe has a cute and custom Christmas gift idea to stand out under the tree – augmented reality children’s books! Combining a love of reading with the tech interest of an app, TinyMe brings the book’s characters to life with music and sound effects. And the app can also read the story to your child – hellooooo holiday car trip entertainment solution!

TinyMe’s latest release, The Amazing Alphabet on first glance appears to simply be a beautiful, personalised book for children. However, when joined with the free downloadable app (Apple and Android supported), the book comes to life in front of the readers’ eyes. Kids watch the characters of the book jump out of the page, much to their shock and delight.

Owned by three young dads with fifteen kids between them (!) the TinyMe guys know their stuff when it comes to ‘edutaining’ young children.

Mike Wilson, the Founder of TinyMe says, “As a dad of six I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading books to my kids and I’ve always encouraged them to have a deep love for reading. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time playing around with a bunch of pretty cool kids’ apps.

“As someone who founded a studio which writes, illustrates, develops software and even physically prints personalised books for kids, I’m really excited by what our team at TinyMe has created.”

The Amazing Alphabet is custom printed for each child with the child’s name included throughout for a perfect Christmas keepsake. The educational story takes the reader on a journey to help the protagonist, Little Z, find his perfect friend. They meet a range of colourful characters (all letters of the alphabet) along the way and create many lasting friendships.

“It was so important for us to create a story that, on its own, was a story worth telling. It teaches kids about the importance of friendship and instils some very valuable lessons in young readers,” says Mike.

TinyMe books retail for $30. Pre-orders and more info available at www.tinyme.com.au.


Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson  

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