Daddy Diaries // Going Solo

By June 1, 2017 March 15th, 2019 No Comments

Recently one of the twins was invited to a birthday party. Just one of them.

This was a big moment. Normally both get invited and, up until recently, they love being together. And while we recognise they’re individuals and need their own friends and time, as a parent it’s hard not to worry about how the non-invited twin reacts to not being invited. To soften the blow grandma organised a day at her place and a solo sleepover leaving me with just one child for just over 24 hours.

Wow, what a day! She was calm, measured, genuinely happy to spend time with me or entertain herself peacefully. One child is SOOOOO much easier – why didn’t anyone tell me? Now I’m not saying parenting one child is easy – no parenting is easy at all – but I am saying that, having now tasted single kids over twins, it is much more peaceful in comparison. There are actually lulls between storms!

You see my twin girls have always had a little bit of competition and arguments are a normal part of having siblings. The problem with twins is that they’re both at a similar level of maturity so the likelihood of one taking the higher ground or looking after the other is somewhere approaching the chances of Pete Evans and McDonalds teaming up for a Paleo menu.

And recently the bickering has been not only constant but intense. Game of Thrones is renowned for its bloodthirsty intensity but the twins of the past few months could show them a thing or two about revenge, plotting and non-stop feuding.

Their ability to pick at the other until they break is better than anything the KGB or Guantanamo could ever muster. And while the Game Of Thrones is rated R, my twins are rated O. As in “Omygodwhatareyoufightingaboutnow?!?”

So it’s actually quite wonderful to have peaceful time with a daughter free of arguments and fighting for attention. Once separated as individuals they’re actually capable of mature alone time and calm conversation! Who knew? Not me! And that’s not where it ends!

When you go out with just one, you don’t have to play the “There’s one, there’s the other, there’s one, WHERE’S the other?” game. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s not a fun game and if there are rules they are stacked against the parent. Nor do you have to put up with curious stares or the inevitable twin “double trouble” comments. In fact it’s quite the novelty strutting down the aisle with absolutely no-one caring about you or your child. All I can say is “when’s the next birthday party?”



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