You know what used to really warm my heart as a teacher and still does now as a mum? The beaming smile my students would walk in with and how proud they were when dad would bring them to school and spend a few minutes in the class with them before the bell. Generally, it was common for my students to arrive alone in the morning or with mum – but there was always something special about those days it was dad’s turn.

They would quickly scurry to their desk and point excitedly at the achievement in their workbooks, proudly pointing out the stickers and recognition they’d received for their efforts. Then there was the speedy class tour of their reading group, maths group and their masterpieces on display revelling in dad’s approval.

In our family my husband works very early mornings so it is a rare occasion that he can make it to drop off our son at school – but we make it a priority at least twice a term for him to do the classroom drop off. That evening we chat all together about my son’s work, what the teacher has shared with dad about his learning and the areas he needs to improve (handwriting and desk neatness are frequent topics of conversation!).

These visits put students on top of the world and studies have proven that Fathers are a positive force in their children’s education and that their presence can help improve achievement. So, dads, my mission for you is to try and head into your child’s class in the next few weeks to celebrate their effort and achievements.


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