With the start of every new year comes the obligatory New Years resolutions. This year, I have a long list of changes I want to make… one of those changes is to “Dare to be bold”. I want to have the courage the standout and push myself outside my comfort zone as often as possible.

But since this article is about makeup (and not about all the changes I should make in my life, because, let’s be honest… that would be one long article). I have decided that the first step into my bold 2019 self should be to wear more lipstick. Lipstick you say? Yes, lipstick… and I’m not talking that nude colour lipstick that can barely be seen, I’m talking lipstick with attitude: reds, pinks, deep plum, even bright tangerine.

When I see a girl (umm… sorry, LADY) wearing a bold lipstick during the day, I always think to myself “she looks fancy”, and I feel a little envious that I was not bold enough to look that fancy. Well 2019 is going to be my year.

So how do you choose the right colour lipstick for you? Start with the colour you like best, I think every colour tells a different story about the girl wearing it.

Pinks – girly, playful and feminine.
Reds – powerful, classy and bold.
Bright colours – youthful, fun and daring.
Deep colours – vampy, trendy and cool.

Once you have decided on the colour you like, it’s time to decide what shade suits you best. This can be done by considering first of all your skin tone and secondly, your skin’s undertone.

FAIR – Baby Pink, Blue reds, Bright Pink
MEDIUM – Blood red, Rose pink, Magenta
DARK – Berry/Purple Tones, Red-Brown

FAIR – Mauve pink, Orange Reds
MEDIUM – Brick Red, Tangerine
DARK – Orange Tones, Coral, Fiery Red

Use this as a guide and ask the ladies at the cosmetics counter to help. If you are still finding it difficult to find your shade that combines the colour you want, with the undertone that suits you best along the attitude you want to convey (phew, who knew lipstick could get so complicated) you could always mix up your very own signature lipstick at The Lipstick Lab. It a super fun experience. The girls in there will help you design your dream lipstick that is your perfect shade and finish (Matte or glossy) and you can even add a scent and name it. I choose the perfect cherry red, with cherry scent and named it Cherry Pop (original I know).

So in 2019 if you may see me on Tuesday morning, fresh from school drop off, wearing active wear that may or may not also be my pj’s, and a perfect red lip… you best believe I am feeling BOLD (and a little fancy).

Happy painting Dolls. x

Fellan Robinson

Fellan Robinson  

Makeup artist from Australia, YouTube beauty blogger, stylist, mummy and all round makeup and fashion addict // www.youtube.com