Dr Shane Mathews

Dr Shane Mathews is a senior lecturer in International Marketing at QUT and has more than 20 years of experience in the marketing industry. When he isn’t playing the role of dad to Preston (11) and Patriece (6), he is researching the Internet’s impact on business marketing activities
and teaching future marketers.

Take us back to the moment you first became a dad. What do you remember? Surreal. I was very apprehensive but very excited. Incredibly nervous about what to do. I was very emotional.

Did you have any big fears or concerns before having children? Did they come true? I was very excited but it was very scary. I didn’t know if I could be a good dad, I didn’t know what a good dad was and I was pretty scared. I just wanted to be the best dad for my son.

What is your favourite way to bond with your kids? It’s very different with my son versus my daughter. We all like to run and go to the park. I coach the AFL footy team and this is an amazing way to bond with my son. We go to the footy regularly and he really loves it. With my daughter, she is still young so reading is the way I bond with her. That and dancing and singing around the house. She has a big personality.

If you could pick one superpower to help you with your daily ‘dad’-ly duties, what would it be and why? Speed. Lightning speed. So I can get to everywhere I need to be.

When you’re at home, what is your favourite time of the day? When my kids come home from school or when we all watch Survivor together.

Do you have any family traditions? Every year we celebrate Chinese New Year. My wife is from Taiwan so this is especially important for us as a family.

Describe a day in your home using a song title? ‘Shake it off’ by Taylor Swift.

What skill or trait did you get from your parents that you hope to pass onto your kids? Work ethic. That you can achieve whatever you want, but it takes hard work.

What lessons do you hope your kids pass onto their own children that they’ve learned from you and your partner? Determination. And to embrace the amazing opportunities the world has to offer.

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