Matt Rosa

Footie fans will know Matt Rosa for his role on the Gold Coast Suns AFL team and his 200+ career games. Otis Rosa (7 months) simply knows Matt as ‘Dad’.

Take us back to the moment you first became a dad. What do you remember? It was like the Lion King when he was lifted in the air by the doctor followed by… “It’s a boy!”

Did you have any big fears or concerns before having children? Did they come true? The lack of sleep was a concern, but luckily Otis is a good sleeper.

What is your favourite way to bond with your child? Swimming and bath time.

If you could pick one superpower to help you with your daily ‘dad’-ly duties, what would it be and why? To be able to understand baby talk.

When you’re at home, what is your favourite time of the day? When he wakes in the morning and I get him out of bed.

What is one thing your kid does that drives you absolutely crazy? He can say the word “Mum” but not “Dad”!

Do you have any family traditions? Morning beach walk, swim and co ee together.

Describe a day in your home using a song title? ‘Don’t stop’ by Fleetwood Mac

What skill or trait did you get from your parents that you hope to pass onto your kids? Be humble.

What lessons do you hope your kids pass onto their own children that they’ve learned from you and your partner? To be humble and treat people the way you would like to be treated.

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