These summer holidays, spend time with books that’ll teach you a thing or two about, well, everything. Trivia buffs will be able to sharpen their skills with these titles perfect for the summer holidays!


Dominic Knight, $29.99, Allen & Unwin
Strayapedia is the certified true dinkum, 100 percent Australian made (albeit foreign-owned) answer to Wikipedia. Except it’s run by one person, like Wikileaks, and also operates for legal reasons from the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Conveniently omitting all areas not relating to Australia, Strayapedia provides essential alternative facts about Tony Abbott, the ABC, AC/DC, the Akubra, Canberra, cask wine, Kylie Minogue, Bob Hawke, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Ned Kelly, koalas and Shane Warne, among many other indispensable topics.


Tom ‘Blowfish’ Hird, $32.99, Atlantic Books
The seas cover more than 70 percent of the Earth but still remain shrouded in mystery. This entertaining and enlightening new book lifts the lid on a treasure chest of fascinating facts to reveal what lurks beneath the waves, teaching you 291 extraordinary things you didn’t know about the sea.




William Hartston, $29.99, Atlantic Books
Do animals have a sense of humour? Why do we have five fingers? Can robots become self-aware? This bumper volume takes readers on a guided tour of 1001 gaps in our knowledge of cosmology, mathematics, animal behaviour, medical science, music, art and literature. It is a witty and fascinating exploration of the limits of human knowledge of our planet.



It’s no secret that the haven team is obsessed with books of every description. Now here’s a great idea for the mini bookworms among us. Little Pages is a subscription service that sends handpicked children’s books direct to your door. It is a fab gift idea for any young child but also helps busy families facilitate the reading demands of their children, provides those living in rural areas greater variety in their reading and also allows extended family to be actively involved in your kids’ learning experience. Creator Alison Joyce (herself a mum of three, pictured above) says each month’s titles are specially chosen for subscription members based on the personal preferences they register at sign up. The business was inspired by Alison’s daughter, Bella.

“She loves reading and receiving mail and when we moved out to the country it became harder to keep up the demand in the household for new and exciting books – and from there, Little Pages was created,” Alison says. “As life moves more and more towards technology, physical books are still very important for young children. It’s a wonderful gift to give a child a foundation of literacy, to allow them to believe in fantasy, different worlds, characters and adventures.”

Visit www.littlepages.com.au



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