As soon as silly season hits, our routine goes out the window and indulgence becomes the new norm. And while you’re having fun, a few of your body systems are affected – namely your liver, gut and your skin. All that time outdoors and a few too many rosés dehydrates, inflames and fatigues your body, but a few preventative measures and remedies can ensure you maintain your glow.

Charcoal Face Masks
Before you hit beach season, prime your skin with a deep cleansing face mask or scrub made up of charcoal, which can help penetrate dead skin cells as well as clear out pores. Using charcoal with other ingredients is a great way to ensure the absorption of carefully selected botanicals. Charcoal based face masks or scrubs using the following ingredients contribute to nourishing the skin, improving elasticity, moisturising and protection against environmental factors are. They include, Oblepikha oil, Limonnik Nannai, Siberian cedar oil, flax seed oil, dwarf birch buds, cloudberry, bilberry and Sakhalin raspberry seed oil. Your face will feel as exotic as these ingredients!

Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil
Rosehip oil is a great way to detox your skin after the festive season, or any season for that matter. Its properties are rich in healing ingredients such as flavonoids and ultra fatty acids which is great for deep hydration, reducing the appearance of scarring, promotion of skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of skin pigmentation. Rosehip oil is not only wonderful on the face however can be applied all over the body for the ultimate detox! 

Switch to Serum
During the cooler months, face creams may be a better option due to their deeply moisturising effect, which helps protect against cold temperatures, however when summer rolls around it’s time to rotate. Just like eating seasonally, we need to switch up our skincare routine to reflect the season. Serums are lightweight, yet still hydrating and can also give your skin a healthy glow.

Body Brushing
Not only a way to stimulate the lymphatic system and support your immune system during silly season, but to also give your skin a good brush. Exfoliating before beach season, is a good way to shed off dead skin cells from colder months before starting on a healthy summer glow. Body brushing is also another way to exfoliate if you prefer to use a faux tan and save your skin from too much sun.

Although we tend to use less makeup during the summer months, the festive season also means an abundance of Christmas parties and New Year festivities, which almost always calls for glitter. Cleansing after a night out should always be part of your night-time routine, even if bed is the more attractive option. Your skin will be much happier for it and you won’t wake up feeling as dishevelled as you maybe are.



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